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Here at Surfer, we believe pricing should be simple, fair, and affordable for businesses of all sizes. In the following article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the pricing and answer all of your frequently asked questions.

1. Plans and features

Our current pricing offers you four plans: Lite, Essential, Advanced, and Max. Each plan is available in both monthly and annual billing cycles.



💸 Choosing the annual plan gives you a discount of up to 34% in comparison to the monthly payments.

Our subscription plans offer different features to meet the unique needs of our users. Besides different credit pools on each plan, you can also make your decision based on your requirements for organization size, possible integrations, or additional features such as Terms Assistant or Plagiarism Checker.

Furthermore, to make sure you are choosing the best plan for your business, here is a short breakdown of the plans with our suggestions:


The most economical option for individuals who wish to use Surfer casually for hobbies and work.


The most popular option for professionals who want to use Surfer for medium-sized projects.


The best option for experts and teams that value flexibility and bigger limits.


The most comprehensive package for agencies and professionals that don’t need any limitations.


We offer CUSTOM plans for customers with high content needs. If none of the available plans meets your requirements, you can reach out to our Sales Team.

For more details on how to purchase Surfer AI, please check our dedicated article below:

2. Overages (usage above your plan’s limit)

Each plan will have a set number of articles you can create in Content Editor every billing cycle, but we have prepared another useful feature. We heard your feedback and introduced a new overage system - also known as usage over plan limits.

Organization Admins can enable overages for all Members on the in-app billing page. If your overages are enabled, this is how you will be charged:

A. At the end of your billing period - if your overage is lower than your plan's threshold, you will be charged alongside the renewal or when you change your plan (upgrades and downgrades).

B. Immediately - If your overage is equal to or higher than your plan’s threshold, it will be done right away.

Plans' thresholds:





2 CE

5 CE

10 CE

25 CE

3. Surfer Add-ons

Apart from the Content Editor credits in our standard pricing, we will now introduce the ability to purchase additional features through add-ons. These add-ons include; Audit, SERP analyzer, Whitelabel, API, and Grow Flow.

To sum up, here are some important key points about our pricing:

  • Entry level at even $19 per month

  • Tailored offers for different businesses

  • Overage system for additional articles whenever needed

  • Paying only for tools and features that you actually use

  • And as a result, a better onboarding experience 👍

4. Legacy users

If you have purchased your plan before May 17th, 2023, you are considered a legacy user. We prepared a separate FAQ article for your questions.

In case you aren't able to find the answers, please don't hesitate to ask our Support Team via live chat or at [email protected]!


Q. How can I upgrade/downgrade my subscription on the new pricing?

A. Just as previously, you can upgrade your subscription from the billing section under the Upgrade plan button. Downgrades require Support team assistance - feel free to reach out to us via chat or at [email protected]!

Please note that switching from an annual to a monthly subscription is also considered a downgrade that requires Support assistance.

Q. What happens if I upgrade my subscription before my next billing date?

A. Upgrades are not prorated. Instead, we will add any remaining credits you had in your previous plan, and your billing date will reset immediately.

For example, suppose your billing date is on March 1st, and you upgrade on March 15th to the Advanced plan, but you have 4 content editors left from your Essential plan. Your new billing date will now be March 15th, and you will have 29 credits (25 for Advanced and 4 remaining credits from Essential) to use until April 15th.

Q. What if I need more Content Editor credits but don’t want to upgrade?

A. Good news! You can now buy additional credits over your monthly limit. To do this, the account owner or admin should toggle on the “Allow creating more Content Editors after the baseline limit is exceeded” on the current usage page. Account owners will then be sent an invoice for the number of credits used over the limit. Invoices will either be sent in about an hour once you have reached a certain threshold or on your next billing date.

Q. Can I get yearly audit credits?

A. At the moment, since Audit credits are bought as an add-on, you can only have them on a monthly basis.

Q. Why am I getting 2 separate invoices?

A. If you purchased an add-on on top of your monthly/annual subscription, you will get 2 separate invoices; one for your monthly/annual subscription and the other for your add-ons. You can check your upcoming invoices on your billing page.

Q. How can I purchase API / Whitelabel add-on?

A. This will require Support Team assistance, so feel free to reach out to us via chat or [email protected] when you're ready!

Q. Why am I getting charged tax?

A. Because we are tax registered in the UK and EU, all members automatically get VAT added to their invoices. However, if you have a valid EU or UK VAT ID, we can add that to your account so you don’t get charged tax on your future invoices.

Q. What happens when I cancel my plan?

A. When you cancel your plan, you will keep your current plan until the current billing period ends, but you will not be automatically charged for the next month. Learn how to cancel your plan here.

Q. What happens to my add-ons when I cancel my plan?

A. Add-ons should be used concurrently with an active subscription. When you cancel your subscription, your add-ons will also be canceled, and you won’t be able to use them.

Q. Do unused credits roll over to the next month?

A. Unused credits do not roll over to the next month. The only exception is when you upgrade to a higher plan when you have credits left from your previous plan.

Q. Which plan I am currently on?

A. All information regarding your current plan and payment information can be found on your billing page. This page is only available to the account owner and selected admins. You can review organization roles on this page. If you do not see this page or the Upgrade option, please contact your account owner or support team.

Q. The limits of the biggest plan are not enough for my needs; how can I get something even bigger?

A. If none of the plans suit you, request a call with our sales team.

Additional resources:

Do you still need help? Don't worry! You can contact us at [email protected] or via live chat by clicking the icon in the bottom-right corner.

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