Legacy Plans FAQ

For anyone who started using Surfer before May 2023

Updated over a week ago

1. What is a legacy plan?

Legacy plans are subscriptions created before the last pricing update in May 2023.

2. I am on a legacy plan - do I need to update it anytime soon?

No. You can keep your current plan. However, if you cancel your subscription, you won’t be able to go back to the old one.

3. I missed the deadline to upgrade/downgrade my plan. Can I still do it anyway?

Please reach out to our Support Team for further help. We cannot make any promises, but we will review your case and offer the best possible solution.

4. I used Surfer in the past, and now the pricing is different! Can you bring back my old plan?

Unfortunately, that's not possible. As we no longer actively support such plans, only new pricing will be available for you.

5. Can I upgrade/downgrade my subscription from one legacy plan to another?

No. Any subscription changes or renewals will be done within the new pricing plans. For legacy users, if you need to change your subscription, please reach out to the support team via chat or at [email protected] for help.

6. I have an active promotion plan, such as Black Friday Starter Pack. Can I keep it?

Of course! You can keep your current legacy plan where you have additional perks for as long as your legacy plan is active.

7. I waited for new pricing just to have the option to buy more credits in a more flexible way. Why is it still not possible?

This isn't possible within Legacy plans. However, with the new pricing, you can now use and pay for more content editor credits! Learn more about content editor overages here.

8. Limits on my plan are not enough; how can I get a bigger plan?

We are no longer supporting upgrades for legacy plans. If you're on a legacy plan and need more credits, please reach out to the support team for assistance via chat or at [email protected].

9. Can I use Audit directly from SERP Analyzer once I move to new pricing?

No, it won’t be possible anymore in the new plans. However, you can still purchase the Audit add-on and use it as a standalone feature.

10. I am a white-label user. Does the new pricing change anything for me?

No. If it is included in your legacy plan package, you can continue using white-labeling like you used to. Users on the new pricing, however, needs to have Enterprise plan to be able to use white-label.

11. Can I have an Organization feature (and invite team members) if I stay on a Legacy plan?

Yes! Our Organization feature is available regardless if you are a legacy user or a current pricing subscriber. Keep in mind that the seat limit for organization members differs across plans.

12. Does the organization owner count towards members' limit on a given plan?

No, only "regular" members count. That means if you are an organization owner, you can invite +n more colleagues, depending on your plan limit. So in total, it means n+1 Surfer SEO users.

13. I am a Legacy API user. Does the current pricing change anything for me?

No, you can continue using the API like you used to, if it is included in your legacy plan package. Same as white-label, users on the new pricing needs to have Enterprise plan to be able to use API.

Do you still need help? Don't worry! You can contact us at [email protected] or via live chat by clicking the icon in the bottom-right corner.

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