1. What is a legacy plan?

Legacy plans are subscriptions created before the current pricing release. Our last Pricing update took place in September 2021. If you are a legacy user, you can keep it as long as you want.

2. I am on a legacy plan - do I need to update it anytime soon?

No. You can keep your current plan as long as you want. However, if you cancel your subscription, you won’t be able to go back to the old one.

3. I used Surfer in the past and now the pricing is different! Can you bring back my old plan?

Yes, but we will be able to restore your old plan only once within an account. Further changing the plan (upgrading, downgrading) will be possible only within the current pricing. You will need to reach out to our support team for assistance.

4. Can I upgrade/downgrade my subscription from one legacy plan to another?

Yes, but we can also do that only once (The restoration of an old plan counts towards that one time-limit change, so if the plan was restored, it won’t be possible to make any further changes within the legacy line). Reach out to our support team for assistance.

5. I have an active promotion plan, such as Black Friday Starter Pack, can I keep it?

Of course. You can keep your current plan as well as your perks as long as you want.

6. I waited for new pricing just to have the option to buy more credits in a more flexible way. Why is it still not possible?

Pricing changes are extremely sensitive for the business and need to be done with great care. To avoid big-time failures, we had to start small. However, we don’t rule out the possibility of adding pay-as-you-go in the future.

7. Those limits are not enough, how can I get a bigger plan?

If none of the plans suit you, request a call with our sales here or reach out to our Support team for assistance.

8. Can I use Audit directly from SERP Analyzer once I move to a new plan?

No, it won’t be possible anymore. However, you can still use Audit as a standalone feature.

9. Is it still OK to share an email and password with my colleagues?

You can use our Organization feature for convenience and safety, but of course, you can keep your old habits without any restrictions.

10. I am a white-label user, does the new pricing change anything for me?

No, you can continue using white-labeling like you used to.

11. Can I have an Organization feature (and invite team members) if I stay on a legacy plan?

Yes! Our Organization feature is available regardless if you are a legacy user or a current pricing subscriber. The limit for organization members differs across plans.

12. Does the organization owner count towards members' limit on a given plan?

No, only "regular" members count. That means if you are an organization owner you can invite +n more colleagues. So in total, it means n+1 Surfer SEO users.

13. I am a legacy API user, does the current pricing change anything for me?

No, you can continue using the API like you used to.

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