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Overages - buy additional credits over your limit!
Overages - buy additional credits over your limit!
You can now buy extra credits without upgrading!
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Now introducing Content Editor Overages!

How can I enable Content Editor overage?

The owner of the account or account admins first needs to toggle on the "Allow creating more Content Editors after the baseline limit is exceeded” on the current usage page. Then all members of the organization can take advantage of Content Editor overage.

How is Content Editor overage calculated and charged?

Depending on the plan you are currently on, you will have a threshold (No. of Content editors over the limit) where we will start charging for your Content Editor Overages.






Threshold (No. of content editors we start charging above the limit)





Cost for overage threshold





If your overage is lower than your plan's threshold, you will be charged at the end of your billing period, alongside the renewal, or when you change your plan (upgrades and downgrades).

If your overage is equal to or higher than your plan’s threshold, you will be charged in about an hour.

You can track your additional Content Editor usage on your current usage page.

Are the additional credits added to my monthly limit?

No. Additional credits are not added to your monthly limit. You will pay separately for any additional credits used over the limit.

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