Understanding your Current Usage page

Learn how to keep track of your credits usage.

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We know how important it is that you keep track of your credit usage, and you can do so from your current usage page.

The current usage page contains details of your plan's credits usage, add-on limits and your available on-demand AI credits. In this article we will explain in detail each section of your current usage page.

Subscription usage

This section describes your monthly usage of tools that come standard with your subscription.

  • For standard plans, you will see a breakdown of your Content Editor credits, and Keyword Research usage.

  • For Scale AI plan, you will see a breakdown of your Content Editor credits, AI credits, and Keyword Research Usage.

Add-ons Limits

If you have purchased Audit and/or SERP Analyzer add-ons on top of your monthly subscription, you will see their respective credit limits and usage under the add-on limits section. If you did not purchase any add-on, you can do it directly from your usage page by simply clicking on the "Buy."


This section describes your AI credits that you bought separately from your subscription to Scale AI. Unlike AI credits from Scale AI plan, on-demand AI credits from AI bundles do not expire.


What are "unused overage" credits?

These are additional credits that you have over your monthly limit. For example, if you upgrade to a higher plan but still had remaining credits from your previous plan, the remaining credit will be carried over to the new plan and they will be highlighted under "unused overage" credits. The same applies to credits coming from Giveaway.

What are "Black Friday Bonus" credits?

These are the AI or Content Editor credits that you have claimed and used during the Black Friday 2-for-1 credit game. These are not part of your usual monthly credit limits.

Why do I see an expiration on Black Friday bonus credits?

To streamline and standardize the Black Friday credits, all content editor and AI credits claimed during the 2023 Black Friday game will expire on February 1st, 2024. While on-demand credits bought before Black Friday game don't expire, any on-demand AI credits bought and claimed during the game period will expire on February 1st as well.

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