At Surfer, we do not offer any trials but we know how important it is to give our customers the freedom of choice whether to continue their subscription or not.

The thing is... We don’t want you to feel like you’re signing up for huge responsibility by choosing one of our monthly plans.

This is why we are coming forward to you with our 7-day money-back guarantee!

How does it work? If you purchased one of our monthly subscriptions (Basic, Pro, Business), but Surfer isn’t what you expected it to be or you just changed your mind, let us know within 7 days and we’ll give you a full refund. No ifs, no buts, no hassle - no questions asked! We sometimes may just ask you for feedback on how we can make Surfer even better for you, but that's pretty much it!

7 days do not sound like enough? Check out this article to find out how you can extend it!

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