Depending if you are billed monthly or yearly, your limits will work differently as we recently introduced a change in our annual credit system. If you want to get some more information on the update make sure to check out this article.

Here, you will find out:

What are credits and which tools require them?

Credits are virtual tokens that are required to use some of our tools. Credit limits are determined by the plan you are on.

Currently, Surfer has two tools under the credit system - Content Editor and Audit, both having their own dedicated Credit type. Credits are not interchangeable, meaning that you will have a separate pool of credits for Content Editors and a separate pool for Audits.

Grow Flow does not require any credits - Content Editors created through the Write and Publish Article tasks are free of cost.

SERP Analyzer and Keyword Research do not require any credits but are under a limit of 200 queries per tool for account daily. Daily limits reset every day at midnight (00:00) in the timezone you purchased your Surfer subscription, regardless if you are on a monthly or yearly plan.

When do credits reset? (monthly plan)

Monthly limits for Content Editor and Audit reset every month on the same day you made the original purchase.

For example: if you bought Surfer on the 4th of December, the next charge and limit reset would take place on the 4th of January.

Remember that unused credits do not roll over from one month to another so make sure to manage your pool wisely.

When do credits reset? (annual plan)

If you have subscribed for a full year at Surfer, you will be given your whole credit pool upfront. This will give you more flexibility and let you organize your work a little bit more efficiently! That being said, your credit limits will restore every year.

Example: Basic monthly plan includes 10 Content Editor credits and 30 Audit credits per month. Users with a yearly subscription would get 120 Content Editor credits and 360 Audit credits to use throughout the year.

How to use the credits?

Content Editor allows you to run a single or multi-keyword analysis. You can also run a batch query.

Single-keyword analysis in Content Editor requires one credit only:

Multi-keyword analysis in Content Editor requires one credit only as well:

The difference begins when we want to run queries in a batch. Batch queries require one credit for each line of keywords, meaning that if you see "Create 3 Content Editors", that means you will spend 3 credits on those queries. 1 line can include multiple keywords.

The Audit does not allow you to run a multi-keyword analysis - putting more than 1 keyword will work as running a batch query (1 keyword = 1 Audit query) so be careful here as you may accidentally spend a few of your credits.

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