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What is an Organization?

It is a shared workspace connected with your Surfer subscription. This means that all of your team members will operate under one pricing plan.

Why did we come up with Organizations?

Although we’ve always allowed sharing credentials to one account, we wanted to simplify it so you can work as a team or with your writers/clients.

How do you invite a user to join your organization?

1. Go to the top left corner
2. Go to Settings > Member
3. There, you'll find the invitation link - all you need to do now is share it with the person you want to invite!

As an organization owner, you can:

  • remove your team members whenever you want 

  • reset your invitation link to generate a new one instead (users that had already joined your organization won’t be deleted once you do the reset)

  • change your member's role to an admin

How to join the organization once you’re invited?

1. Click on an invitation link – you’ll be redirected to the login or signup page – it depends on whether you already have a Surfer account or not. You need to set up a Surfer account (for free, even without a paid plan) to be able to join organizations.
2. Click the ”Join” button
3. Congrats! Now you can work in the organization! 

4. You may need to navigate to the top-left corner (the Home icon) to switch from your own account's unpaid subscription to the organization you were invited to.

Roles in Organization

There are three different roles in each organization:

  • Member - can see other members as well as view, edit, create and remove queries.

  • Admin - on top of access to queries, an admin can manage the organization and has access to the billing.

  • Owner - the ruler of them all! As the subscription of the organization is under the owner's account, he has all of the previously mentioned accesses and privileges.

Admins can be appointed by the Owner and other Admins on the Members Page by selecting a proper role from the drop-down menu:

Organization vs. Private account

Despite working in the organization you were invited to, you can always purchase a standalone subscription for your own purposes - but you don't have to!

How to switch between organizations?

Just go to the upper left-hand menu and choose the one you want to work in at the moment.

Organizations FAQ

Who can use this feature and invite people?

Users on all Surfer plans (both old and new)* have access to Organizations but with different seat limits. You can add up to 2 members on Essential and up to 5 members on Scale and Scale AI. To get more seats, check out our custom plans!

*Legacy plans seat limits are 5 for Advanced and 10 for Max. If you have an older plan and want to know your seat limit, please reach out to our Support team for assistance via live chat or at [email protected].

Can I invite people outside Surfer to join my organization?

Yes! They will just need to register, but they don’t need to buy a plan.

Can I be a member of multiple organizations?

Yes. You can join as many organizations as you want.

Can I own multiple organizations?

No, you can own only one organization per one Surfer plan.

What happens if I have an active subscription and I get invited to join an organization?

It’s not a problem! You can always switch between the organization and your own account.

What happens if I own an organization myself and am invited to join another organization?

Even if you own an organization yourself, you can join as many organizations as you want.

Can organization members use overage credits?

Yes! The organization owner or admin just needs to turn on the "Content Editor - overage" option under the Usage Page.

Do you still need help? Don't worry! You can contact us at [email protected] or via live chat by clicking the icon in the bottom-right corner.

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