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What is Surfer AI?

Surfer AI is a powerful AI writing tool designed to streamline your content creation process by producing high-quality articles that closely align with your target users' intent. By leveraging a combination of SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and NLP (Natural Language Processing) analysis, along with our proprietary optimization algorithms and cutting-edge Open AI technology, Surfer AI enables you to generate human-like content at scale.

With Surfer AI, you can effortlessly create long-form articles that are tailored to meet SEO requirements and capture your target audience's attention. In just 20 minutes, while you enjoy a well-deserved coffee break or tackle your overflowing inbox, Surfer AI crafts content of exceptional quality.

Personalize the settings, allow the tool 20 minutes to perform its magic, allocate up to 40 minutes for a final review to ensure the article meets your standards, and voila!

Your content creation process becomes 10 times faster, freeing up valuable time for other tasks.

How to use Surfer AI?

  1. Please make sure your Surfer subscription is in an active state. If you are not yet a registered user, please browse through our available Surfer Plans to find the one that best caters to your specific requirements.

  2. Purchase AI credits. Your credit limit information can be accessed via the Content Editor tab or the in-app Billing page. Organization owners have the option to buy additional credits, either separately or in bundled packages, directly from the in-app Billing page. If this is your initial encounter with AI credit acquisition, we recommend consulting the following article:

  3. Create your query. Navigate to the Content Editor from your dashboard, select the "Write with AI" tab, and construct your query as per your standard process. Carefully select the appropriate keyword and confirm the settings before proceeding further.

  4. Once your query is ready, click "Complete your article" and customize it before generating.

  5. Adjust and personalize the article you want to generate. At this stage, you have the liberty to define the tone, customize the outline, and select websites that can be used to fine-tune the model (also known as competitors). Additional options include activating the anti-AI detection boost and the upcoming feature of incorporating resource links, both internal and external.

  6. If you opt to alter the article's outline, the ensuing step will direct you to the "Create Outline" interface. Here, you can add, remove or edit the outline to suit your preferences. If this option isn't chosen, the generation of your article will commence immediately following the previous step's confirmation.

  7. Finally, click on "Let's write" to start the AI writing process. Surfer AI needs approximately 20 minutes to generate an article - you can use this time to catch up with the latest industry news or to grab a quick lunch!


  • Currently, Surfer AI can proficiently generate articles written exclusively in English only.

  • Surfer AI's algorithms select the top SERP competitors for your convenience; however, adjusting your guidelines as needed is both possible and encouraged. Please keep in mind that altering your competitors manually will have a direct influence on the final output of your AI-generated content.

  • At present, our system can produce up to 30 AI-generated headings for each article, with plans to augment this capability in the future.

  • For the wordcount, the minimum expected for your generated content is 2000 words, but it essentially depends on the facts that can be extracted from the original content of the selected competitors (at least 5). At the moment, you cannot manually specify or expand the length of your article within the AI tool, but it's something we're working on as future improvement.

  • Indicating numbers in the main keyword is not a parameter considered by our AI. For example, “32 business ideas” will not necessarily generate 32 ideas.

  • The actual article generation process begins once you click "Let's write." Please allow a maximum of 30 minutes (minimum 15) estimated generation time for Surfer AI to complete writing your article. We appreciate your patience with our tool!

  • Feedback on each generated article can be submitted directly to the Content Editor. We are committed to the continual refinement of our algorithms, and your direct feedback is greatly appreciated so we can make Surfer AI the best generative tool out there. Don't hesitate to share your experience with Surfer AI – we're eager to hear from you!

Once your article is ready, you can read and refine it. We suggest reviewing the tone, adding images, and enriching the final version with links of your choice, as you normally would with any other article, and voila! You are ready to publish and start ranking. 


How does Surfer AI work? What is it based on?

The tool combines NLP solutions, machine learning, an analysis of over 500 web signals, and SERP analysis with the capabilities of several generative AI models (davinci003, GPT turbo, and GPT4) to create unique content that answers the user intent and ranks high. All guidelines are real-time, competition-based, and Google-compliant.

How is Surfer AI different from other tools?

Most other tools offer a lot of customization options for users to put together a prompt for OpenAI’s API. Effectively, this makes them yet another GPT layer.

Surfer AI uses our own proprietary algorithm. It optimizes the entire article based on chosen keyword and the SERPs to make sure the article answers the user’s search intent. It also provides you with an option to customize the article outline and tone of voice, as well as activate the anti-AI detection boost prior to generating the article. Soon, you will also be able to include resource links (internal and external), such as internal links to your related articles or trusted resource pages (e.g., factual reports, government pages, and any other trusted online sources).

As a result, Surfer AI covers any topic better than the competitors and generates articles that rank—all that with a minimum effort on your side.

What languages is Surfer AI available in?

For now, only English. We don’t have a timeline for additional languages yet, but we don’t rule out expanding in the future.

Does changing the guidelines affect AI-generated content?

Yes. As we optimize the content using Content Editor guidelines, any adjustments made will affect the suggestions accordingly, especially when choosing your competitors. For the most relevant results, choose at least 5 URLs from the list of competitors we have taken straight from the SERPs.

Is AI content aligned with Google Search's guidelines?

Yes. Google rewards high-quality content regardless of how it's produced. In their own words: "Automation has long been used in publishing to create useful content. AI can assist with and generate useful content in exciting new ways."

Appropriate use of AI or automation is not against Google’s guidelines. As long as your content is of high quality, tailored to your audience, and not made primarily to manipulate search rankings (check out Google’s spam policies for more details on what to avoid), any AI-generated content won’t be penalized solely on the basis of being AI-detectable.

Is there a risk of duplicate content for Google if everyone starts publishing AI-generated content?

With Surfer - absolutely no! :) Surfer doesn’t just prompt the AI with a keyword. With each request for a new article, we use an up-to-date analysis of current top competitors for your specific keyword, enhance this with a personalized tone of voice, and custom article outline, and only then pair it with AI to produce the best possible content for your audience.

Where can I leave feedback on the AI-generated content?

You can leave your comments and insights in the article itself:

  1. Select a piece of text, click on the feedback button, and leave your comment:

  2. To leave a rating on the overall content quality, scroll to the bottom of your article and look for this widget:

Who can purchase Surfer AI credits?

Organization Admin or Owner can always purchase additional credits via the billing page.

Can I purchase in bulk?

You can purchase AI credits packages. If none of the available ones suit your needs, please contact our Sales Team.

How much time do I have to use the credit pool?

At present, the Surfer AI credits don’t have an expiration date. If anything will change, we will let you know in advance via email.

What will happen with my AI credits when I cancel my plan?

When your subscription plan expires, you won't be able to run any new queries, but your AI credits will stay on the account. They will be available once again after you repurchase a plan.

Do you still need help? Don't worry! You can contact us at [email protected] or via live chat by clicking the icon in the bottom-right corner.

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