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Elevate Your Content with Personalised Expertise!

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Surfer AI scrapes the SERPs to gather information for your article, but now you got the power too! Add your unique POV and things related to your niche or area of expertise that can’t be found online yet! How?

Introducing Custom Knowledge!

Custom Knowledge helps you to customize your AI articles by enriching them with your expertise on a topic which allows you to create unique and even more engaging content. Ranking higher and improving your E-E-A-T are now made easier!

There are two Custom Knowledge options:

  1. Article-level - For sharing key insights and information that should be integrated throughout the entire piece.

  2. Heading-level - For adding context and insights to individual headings within your article outline.

How to use the Custom Knowledge

Ready to take your content to the next level? The Custom Knowledge lets you do just that with a few easy steps:

1. Start by selecting your keyword and go for the "Write with AI" option.

It's as easy as creating any other Surfer AI article. Just remember to purchase Surfer AI credits beforehand!

2. Enable Custom Knowledge

Once you've opened your article, look at the bottom of the list. There, you'll find an option to enable Custom Knowledge (under Advanced settings). All you need is a single click πŸ‘‡

3. Add Your Insights and Adjust Settings

Now, it's time to make your article truly yours and add your unique insights to the whole article. Feel free to adjust other settings as needed to match your style and tone. After you're done, proceed to create the outline.

Suppose you're writing an article for "best shoes for running," and you want the brand to be mentioned in multiple sections of the article. In that case, you can include details about the brand's top-selling running shoes, their unique features, and any ongoing promotions.

4. Add Custom Knowledge to your Headings

In the "Review Outline" section, you can take customization even further. Add your personal insights and sources to each H2 and H3 heading. It's easy! Simply click on the icon located on the right of each heading.


Continuing from the previous example, if you want a specific brand product or fact to be mentioned in the article's "Ultimate Cushioned Comfort" section, you can add specific product recommendations or even some fun facts about cushioning technology πŸ˜‰

Bonus Tip: Include URLs for Enhanced Content

πŸ’œ Beyond plain text, you can also incorporate URLs into your content. Surfer will crawl those pages and use the information in your final article. This adds an extra layer of depth and expertise to your content.


What do I need Custom Knowledge for?

Custom Knowledge helps you tailor your article to a specific audience and customize its content by enriching it with your expertise. Answer it: "What do I want the readers to know from reading it?"

My Custom Knowledge hasn't been mentioned in the article.

This can happen because of the two main reasons:

1. Surfer ignores the Custom Knowledge input if its AI is sure that it'd affect the SERPs in a bad way.

2. We're constantly working to improve our AI, but sometimes it can miss the Custom Knowledge instructions, even if they're relevant.

Are there any limits to Custom Knowledge?

You can add Custom Knowledge that would be mentioned throughout a whole article or in a specific section. Both options can be used at the same time, and there's no limit on how many headings you can add Custom Knowledge to. It works for both manually added and auto-generated headings.

Do you still need help? Don't worry! You can contact us at [email protected] or via live chat by clicking the icon in the bottom-right corner.

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