Writing in Content Editor is simple and feels just like a game. Once you finalize your customization, you can start writing!

In this article, you can learn more about the different components of the content editor including:

  1. Content Score

  2. Details tab

  3. Content structure

  4. Terms

  5. Auto suggestions

To successfully finalize your writing, hit the optimal terms usage and number of structural elements, like paragraphs, headings, words, and images.

Content Score

Content Score is a value from 1 to 100 which describes the relevance and quality of your content. Get an overall sense of your optimization level and how much work is left. You can improve your Content Score by optimizing content structure and terms in your writing.

A score below 33 means your content is not optimized enough. You probably need to add more text and optimize important terms.

A score between 33 and 66 means your content is optimized quite well. At this stage, you should have most of your work done.

A score over 66 means your content is ready-to-go. You should aim at the highest CS however anything over 66 indicates a decent optimization.

It's usually impossible to get a 100 Content Score. If you make any changes in the customization panel, this may affect your maximum achievable score. Sometimes it's better to use your common sense and keep your Content Score 90 than to try to get the highest score. Such an approach may damage your final work!

To increase the Content Score follow the advice from the guidelines. Especially:

  • Make sure you use prominent terms in headings;

  • Avoid overoptimization of any suggested term;

  • Add images with relevant alternative text.

Details tab

Knowing that Content Score is a numerical value that ranges from 0 to 100, representing the quality of the content and its relevance to a given keyword, this tab will give you a more detailed overview of your improvement progress. Each of the four sections covers a different ranking factor: Structure, Headings, Terms, and NLP. If you add up all individual values, you’ll get your current Content Score.

This scoring system is quite comprehensive and gives users a clear indication of what they should work on to improve their content.

Content Structure

Make sure your content meets the criteria of the content structure.

The final shape of your article should provide the best experience for your users which is equally important in SEO as the structure itself.



This is a list of all important terms to include in your writing.


You can switch to "headings" to learn which phrases should be included in a heading.

You can switch to "NLP" section to filter out the view and display Natural Language Processing phrases only.

If you want to hide words and phrases that you've already optimized, you can filter them out and focus on other phrases that require your attention.

Auto suggestions

To speed up your writing, we're turning the auto-suggestions toggle on by default. Content Editor will recommend the words to include as you write.

The best part? Hit the tab button and we'll fill it in for you, which means less looking at the keywords to use and more actual writing.

In case you'd like to write without the suggestions for a while, click the two dots within the search bar to open the settings and turn them off.

Rich text editor

To receive real-time feedback on your writing, you can use Surfer's rich text editor. Our tool supports Google Docs integration as well.

The rich text editor is a simple WYSIWYG editor with styling options.

You can now upload images from Pixabay in our new and improved content editor. For more information about what's new, you can read our article on Improved Content Editor

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