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Content Score in the Editor explained
Content Score in the Editor explained
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1. What is Content Score?

Content Score is a value from 1 to 100 which describes the relevance and quality of your content. Get an overall sense of your optimization level and how much work is left. You can improve your Content Score by optimizing content structure and terms in your writing.

2. What is an ideal value of the Content Score?

To increase the Content Score follow the advice from the guidelines, especially:

  • Make sure you use prominent terms in headings;

  • Avoid over-optimization of any suggested term; and

  • Add images with relevant alternative text.


  • A score below 33 means your content is not optimized enough. You probably need to add more text and optimize important terms.

  • A score between 33 and 66 means your content is optimized quite well. At this stage, you should have most of your work done.

  • A score over 66 means your content is ready-to-go. Of course, aiming for 100 is definitely great, but anything over 66 indicates a decent optimization.

  • It's usually impossible to get a 100 Content Score. If you make any changes in the customization panel, this may affect your maximum achievable score. Sometimes it's better to use your common sense and keep your Content Score 90 than to try to get the highest score. Such an approach may damage your final work!

3. How is it calculated in the Content Editor?

  • Click on the details button to reveal extra charts showing progress on structure, headings, terms, and NLP. You don't only know where to find missing points, you also see how your score is calculated.

    Adding up all their individual values gives you your Content Score and will serve as a comprehensive guide on what to work on to improve your content.

  1. Structure - match the length, the number of paragraphs, headings, and images count to get the high score in structure.

  2. Headings - make sure to use the exact keyword in H1 and recommended terms in subheadings.

  3. Terms and NLP - focus on including terms Surfer suggests in the content starting from the top of the list, it's prioritized by relevance.

4. Why is my Content Score 0?

There are three possible reasons why the score will not improve despite adding your content with your guidelines:

1. Your competitors are dominated by one or two domain(s). We need at least 3 different domains to do the calculations.

You can get less than three needed domains when you, for example, run a query for a branded keyword, like in the example below:

2. SERPs are dominated by the pages we can't crawl. The most common example is when all results are PDF files.

3. If the Content Editor is very old. When your Content Editor was created before we introduced Content Score (July 2020), CS will be 0. Please, create a new Content Editor.

Do you still need help? Don't worry! You can contact us at [email protected] or via live chat by clicking the icon in the bottom-right corner.

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