Content Score is a metric used at Surfer to help you understand how well-optimized is your content in the eyes of Google, compared to your competitors. It is a numerical value that ranges from 0 to 100 and represents the quality and relevancy of the website's content in reference to a given keyword. Make sure to check out the Useful articles section at the bottom!

Our Content Score consists of 100 factors including:

  1. Usage of relevant words and phrases

  2. Your H1

  3. Structure of the headers

  4. Content length

  5. Images & images alt text

  6. OG data

  7. Hidden Content (i.e. alt text of the images)

  8. Main keyword and partial keywords - not only how often but where exactly are those used.

    ...and many more good SEO practices.

Content Score is available for all Surfer subscribers and is a part of Content Editor, Audit, and SERP Analyzer tools.

The name is the same across the tools, but the way it is calculated is actually different. The score you will see in your Content Editor is not the same as the one you will see while Auditing the same article.

Content Score in Content Editor


Match the length, the number of paragraphs, headings, and images count to get a high score in structure.


Make sure to use the exact keyword in H1 and recommended terms in subheadings.

Terms and NLP

Focus on including terms Surfer suggests in the content starting from the top of the list, it's prioritized by relevance.

Content Score in Audit

Content Score in SERP Analyzer

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