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What is Content Score?
What is Content Score?
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What is Content Score?

Content Score is a numerical value that ranges from 0 to 100, which is a metric used at Surfer to help you understand how well optimized your content is in the eyes of Google compared to your competitors. It represents the quality and relevancy of the website's content in reference to a given keyword.

In general, a score between:

  • 0 - 33 warns of irrelevant or low-quality content

  • 34 - 66 represents decent quality and relevance, or high quality with low relevance, or low quality with high relevance

  • 67 - 100 indicates optimum quality and relevance

Our Content Score consists of many factors, including:

  1. Usage of relevant words and phrases

  2. Title and your H1

  3. Headers and paragraphs structure

  4. Content length

  5. Images occurrences

  6. OG data existence

  7. Hidden Content (i.e., alt text of the images)

  8. Main keyword and partial keywords - not only how often but where exactly are those used.

  9. Main keyword, partial keywords,Β NLP, and True Density usage

...and many more good SEO practices.

Content Score is a part of the following tools:

  • Content Editor (included with all subscriptions)

  • Audit (add-on)

  • SERP Analyzer (add-on)

The name is the same across the tools, but the way it is calculated is actually different. The score you will see in your Content Editor is not the same as the one you will see while Auditing the same article.

Content Score in Content Editor

In the Content Editor, you can use Content Score to choose competitors from top 20 pages ranking for your target query and include them in your analysis.


Match the length, the number of paragraphs, headings, and images count to get a high score in structure.


Make sure to use the exact keyword in H1 and recommended terms in subheadings.

Terms and NLP

Focus on including terms Surfer suggests in the content starting from the top of the list, it's prioritized by relevance.

Content Score in Audit

In the Audit, the analysis is a little bit more complex as it looks at both the content you wrote and considers everything that is placed within the <body> tags of your source code.

πŸ‘‰ IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not see Content Score in your Audit right after creating it, don't panic!Β The score in the Audit can sometimes take longer to be calculated. It can be confusing when you don't get it in your report, but please trust that the information will be displayed. Refreshing your browser page or simply checking back at the report later should do it. πŸ˜‰

Content Score in SERP Analyzer

In the SERP Analyzer, you can use Content Score to optimize your existing page and analyze the top 50 ranking pages for your target query and include them in your analysis.

Checking the average Content Score and Domain Score in SERP Analyzer or Content Editor helps to assess if your domain has enough trust to take over one of the top 10 positions and what level of content quality is required for your target keyword.

For both tools, choose the best competitors for your analysis. Make sure that only the best of them are checked as a benchmark for your content. It will vary from query to query, but you may assume that Content Score above 60 is a good benchmark. And then this will help improve your optimization process in our Audit tool.

Do you still need help? Don't worry! You can contact us at [email protected] or via live chat by clicking the icon in the bottom-right corner.

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