What is Surfer?

New to Surfer? Here’s what you need to know before making waves with the #1 SEO toolkit.

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Surfer is the #1 SEO solution for agencies, SEO and marketing teams, and freelancers looking to create winning SEO strategies that build brands, grow revenue, and scale easily.

Designed by a team of engineers, marketers, and SEO experts, Surfer seamlessly blends content strategy, creation, and optimization into one go-to solution. We take the guesswork out of on-page SEO and offer a clear, data-driven pathway to drive organic traffic.

With Surfer’s actionable insights, you can write better, optimize faster, and rank higher, regardless of your niche, location, language, or SEO knowledge.

We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. 🏋️

To grow your business and drive organic traffic, you can’t leave your strategy up to chance. Instead, research, plan, write, optimize, and audit your content within a single powerful platform, all without switching tabs or paying for multiple subscriptions.

SEO, simplified.

💡 Surfer has been revolutionizing the SEO game since 2017! And since then, we’ve helped thousands of users worldwide simplify their SEO strategies. Check out our case studies, here!

Surfer combines the newest AI technologies, NLP solutions, analyzes over 500 ranking indicators, and more, to help you stand out in the SERPs.

Our tools are Google-compliant and provide competitor-based guidelines in real time, helping you save countless hours of research. With Surfer, you can quickly spot content gaps, find the most profitable keywords, plan months' worth of content in advance, and create articles that rank high—all based on real data.

💡 NLP was introduced by Google during their Bert algorithm update, however, it didn’t help marketers and SEO experts in generating quality content. That’s where we stepped in and developed Surfer NLP to help optimize your new content and enhance old articles, with on-page SEO in mind.

Here’s a simple plan to help you get the most out of Surfer

Step 1: Plan out your content strategy.

Not sure what to write? Start with Topic Explorer! It offers four different methods for identifying new content opportunities, with Domain Map, Topical Map, CSV Clusters, and Keyword Research.

With Domain Map, you get accurate suggestions and insights from your Google Search Console data, showing your strengths and areas for improvement. Connect multiple domains, track keyword positions, find content gaps, and get auto-updates every 30 days.

Topical Map finds topics that aren’t exactly keyword matches, but terms related to your keyword. That means a whole lot more content ideas to choose from, making Topical Map a favorite tool among content writers!

CSV Clusters (COMING SOON) will let you import CSV keyword lists from other platforms directly into Surfer, where we will cluster and map the data for you.

Use Keyword Research to find the most profitable content clusters for more specific keywords, analyze your competitors' content structure, and build topical relevance and authority with ease.

Step 2: Create winning content

Write traffic-generating content and claim topical authority with Surfer’s dynamic duo—Content Editor and Surfer AI.

Use Content Editor to create briefs, outlines, and data-driven content with ease. Switch gears and optimize content manually with the Content Editor, or take a shortcut with Auto-Optimize, which boosts your Content Score in a single click, optimizing your article for you.

And when you’re done, strengthen your internal linking network with Surfer’s Internal Linking feature and double-check your content’s originality with our Plagiarism Checker.

How do you measure content optimization? With Surfer’s original metric—Content Score! The Content Score assesses your content's quality and provides on-screen guides for areas that need improvement. You can manually improve your score, or take Insert Terms for a spin and have it optimize terms for you—you just need to review their placement in the copy.

Need to collaborate with other team members? Add them to your workspace. And for users outside of your Surfer circle, invite them to view Audit and Content Editor articles, without having to buy additional seats or share your account information through shareable links—ideal for keeping clients in the loop or guiding your external copywriters.

But even the greatest articles won’t rank until they’ve been published. That’s where the WordPress plugin comes in. Add it to the mix and make publishing articles onto WordPress a breeze with seamless content export to your CMS.

💡 Prefer writing in Jasper, WordPress, or Google Docs? No problem! Surfer works where you work. With our handy integrations, you can write with real-time guidelines, wherever you prefer.

Got your hands full? Let Surfer AI do the researching, writing, and optimizing (with in-system AI-generated images!) for you in minutes. Need to add a personal touch to your work? Add your expertise on a topic with Custom Knowledge to make your content even more engaging. Final tweaks? Just ask Surfy, your AI assistant, to reword, summarize, expand, or even change the formatting to match your needs.

💡 Surfer AI isn’t another Chat-GPT clone. When generating your content, it goes through 300,000 words of knowledge to make sure the information is up to date, includes relevant information, and is easy to read. And best of all? It works across all niches in 9 languages and comes with a high Content Score out of the gate!

Step 3: Audit your content to keep it ranking

Keep your content fresh and optimized long-term with Audit!

Optimized content is what helps you stay ahead of competitors and gets you continued traffic. Unfortunately, optimized content won’t stay optimized forever. But, we have good news: refreshing old work is more resource-effective than writing from scratch and it reduces the pressure on content creators to keep finding new topics.

With Surfer’s Audit, you’ll get actionable steps to make your old content rank again. Plus, if you want to speed up the re-optimization process, you can use the Auto-Optimize feature and get it done in a single click!

Step 4: Monitor and optimize content automatically

Keep a close eye on all of you content and uncover the best opportunities for boosting search rankings with Content Audit!

Content Audit analyzes all of your content, extracting important metrics such as position, CTR, traffic, and Content Score. Forget checking articles one by one—Content Audit identifies articles that require re-optimization, allowing you to jump in and make any necessary improvements.

Not sure which articles to work on first? Check the best opportunities section. There you'll find articles that are most likely to respond quickly with the best traffic increase. Focus on bringing up their Content Score to get a significant traffic boost and improve your SEO strategy!

Now that you have a clear plan for simpler SEO, let’s walk you through how to actually achieve all three steps with Surfer’s tools.

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