Content Editor now has a new feature to help you pick query keywords by integrating a simplified version of our Keyword Research. While this won't replace Keyword Research, it's a solution to choosing keywords right on the spot without making an additional query.

You can use it to find your one perfect keyword, or use it to quickly find relevant keywords for an accurate multi-keyword analysis under Content Editor.

All you have to do is start typing your keyword - you’ll get 10 suggestions based on your input - 1 for that exact match, plus up to 9 relevant keywords.
Each keyword will additionally have Difficulty and Volume listed beside it.

Notice that Difficulty in Mini Keyword Research is represented with a level bar, with 5 being the most difficult.
Volume represents estimted monthly search volume per each keyword.

If we have no estimation data on a particular keyword - you can still use it by either clicking "Add..." or pressing Enter from your keyboard.

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