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Google Docs Extension Explained

Learn more about our GDocs Extension!

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1. What is Google Docs Extension?

This extension powers up Google Docs with Surfer, allowing you to use your Content Editor guidelines directly in a Google Document.

With the Content Editor extension for Chrome, you can use Google Docs as your main writing program and share your guidelines with a copywriter through the Google Docs link while your content is saved directly on Drive.

2. How to use it?

First, download the extension from the link above ⬆️ Make sure not to confuse it with the other extension we have, Keyword Surfer.

Once the extension has been installed in your Chrome, you will have a new option inside your Content Editors. You can find it under the purple Share button - the Create New Google Document option. Using it will automatically create a new document in your Google Docs library.

Alternatively, you can open one of the documents from your library and click on the extension icon to load Surfer (even if you have Auto-loading enabled). From there, you can either choose one of your already existing Content Editor queries or create a fresh one using one of your credits!

You can now start writing your article within the Google Document and keep an eye on the guidelines simultaneously!

⚠️ This integration is not bi-directional, meaning that only the guidelines are transferred between the tools, but the content itself is not. So if you already have some parts of your article written in your Editor, you must copy it manually (and the other way around).

⚠️ Once a Google Document is connected with your Editor, the Google Doc link will override your shareable link, and you will not be able to use the Surfer shareable link for this draft. To reenable the shareable links, you will need to unlink the Editor and the Google Document.

To unlink your Editor and your Google Document, you will need to go to your Content Editor draft » Share » and Disconnect from Content Editor.

3. Auto-loading vs. manual loading

You can choose whether you want Google Docs Extension to load automatically or on-demand.

To hide current guidelines, click on the extension icon to load a drop-down menu and ensure the 'Auto load Surfer' box is not checked. Then, reload the page to hide the guidelines.

From now on, you will need to load the guidelines manually. You can bring the guidelines back by clicking the extension icon » Load Surfer.

You can also re-enable the auto-loading option by checking the square beside it.

4. How to share my Google Documents?

Your copywriters, colleagues, or clients don't need a Surfer account to open the Google Docs enhanced with Surfer Guidelines. However, anyone with whom you want to share the document will need to have the extension installed, so first, make sure that they are aware of that and instruct them on how to do this.

As soon as you confirm that they have the extension added to their Chrome, you can share the Google Doc with them just as you would be doing with regular Google Documents - make sure to review the privacy & editing permissions.

You can also copy the link directly from your Content Editor draft.

5. Troubleshooting

If you came across an error or something is not working as it should, please check out this article or reach out to our Support team.

Do you need some help? Don't worry! You can contact us at [email protected] or via live chat by clicking the icon in the bottom-right corner.

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