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Problems you might encounter when importing from URL
Problems you might encounter when importing from URL
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The import content from URL feature tries to grab content from the Internet, but it can sometimes result in queries failing on the dashboard or unexpected text being imported. Here are examples.

1. “We were unable to retrieve content from the page" query fails

Reasons are most likely because either:

  • your server served us no content to copy (for instance when your page did not respond in time or copy-protection is enabled)

  • your server sent us a generic HTTP response error (like 403, 404 or 500), preventing our crawlers from accessing the content (due to typo in URL, bot block or temporary domain issues on your end)

In such cases, the query will be automatically canceled and the credit refunded.

2. Completed queries with unexpected results

This may be due to:

  • our crawler being redirected based on your server settings to another page instead of desired URL

  • a custom error or intermediary page instead of the desired content (like CloudFlare's timeout or bot challenge page)

For such cases, queries are completed and credit will be deducted as we did receive a response from your server.

Final Reminders

Import content from URL can only be used when creating a query. It won't synchronize nor update your draft on the specified URL and any changes you introduce from your CMS admin page. We advise you to manually copy-paste content if any problems arise. You should review your server/webpage settings to avoid crawling issues in the future.

Do you still need help? Don't worry! You can contact us at [email protected] or via live chat by clicking the icon in the bottom-right corner.

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