Can I get a refund for my purchase?
Updated over a week ago

All refund requests are reviewed case by case.

💡 Since Surfer now offers a free trial, the money-back guarantee policy is no longer effective; we cannot issue refunds for purchases during the trial or once the scheduled plan rolls over post-trial.

Due to the growing demand for a free trial, we no longer offer a refund for subscriptions that moved past the trial period.

Only plan subscriptions purchased before 11:00 am UTC on the 19th of February 2024 are eligible for the money-back guarantee.

If you forgot to cancel your subscription on time or Surfer does not suit your needs, email us at [email protected] or start a conversation via live chat by clicking the icon in the bottom-right corner of your dashboard. 

We want to hear your feedback on your Surfer experience, so whether negative or positive, please let us know why you have decided to end your subscription.

❗️IMPORTANT: Canceling your subscription when it's already paid for does not automatically refund your charges, so it's important to contact us!

Do you still need help? Don't worry! You can contact us at [email protected] or via live chat by clicking the icon in the bottom-right corner.

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