1. What is Grow Flow?

2. How to connect my domain to Grow Flow?

3. How to use Grow Flow?

4. Additional resources

1. What is Grow Flow?

Grow Flow is an AI-powered tool which gives you automated and low-effort tasks to grow and optimize your domains. Thanks to Grow Flow, you can achieve the biggest SEO impact on your domains with the best ROI.

Those tasks are based on your own domain, growth and the competition. You have plenty of unused resources on your pages, and Surfer will help you uncover them!

2. How to connect my domain to Grow Flow?

To connect your domain to Grow Flow you will first need to connect your Google Search Console to Surfer. You can do this here by clicking the Sing in with Google button.

Note: You can add as many Google Search Console accounts as you need and your Surfer login e-mail does not have to be the same as the one you want to connect.

When connecting your Google Search Console remember to grant Surfer all required permissions.

With your Google Search Console(s) properly connected, you should now see your domain(s) available to connect to Grow Flow. Click "Select website" or "Manage" to see your domains list.

If you're attempting to connect a high-impression domain, you will be asked to choose one of the locations that your website is generating high traffic in. Sometimes you may only be able to choose one location.

When connecting a low-impression domain, you will be asked to pick any country and to provide a targeted keyword.

Note: If there is more than one property for the same domain (for example www and without www), we will pull the one that generates more traffic.

3. How to use Grow Flow?

Once your domain has been connected, you can move to the project dashboard by clicking it's URL on the left-side panel or by selecting "See tasks" on the right side.

Note: Your project dashboard may look different if you have a low-impression project or a high-impression project on a free plan. Project types and differences are explained here.

You are all set - you can now go through your tasks list for your high-impression project or check out the suggested topics for your low-impression project.

Once you will finish your first task, your report should be generated within 2 weeks.

Still have some unanswered questions or doubts? Check out the additional resources section below or reach out to our Support team via chat or at [email protected].

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