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Learn more about task distribution, task management, and the different types of tasks that can be found in our Grow Flow tool!

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Task distribution and management

Surfer will provide you with a fresh set of tasks each week. With each refresh, you can expect at least a few new tasks, but as your domain grows and we get more valuable data, you may start getting bigger batches.

You can "dismiss" the ones that you do not like or "mark as done" the ones that you completed. The growth of your domain, as well as dismissing, skipping, or marking a task as done, are all taken into consideration in our calculations, and your future suggestions will be getting more and more accurate thanks to this data.

"Write and publish an article" task

With this task, Surfer will automate building the topical authority for your page based on clustering methods and the identified content gaps within your own domain.

Surfer will present you with a set of topics to cover. If you see one that you would like to work on and publish on your website, simply click Start, and the Content Editor will be generated for you.

Note: Every “Write and Publish an Article” task will deduct one CE credit from your monthly/annual credit pool.

You can access all Content Editors made through Grow Flow both on your project page as well as via your Content Editor dashboard.

You can also use the shuffle icon to see what else we prepared, and after shuffling your topic a few times, you will be able to choose your own keyword. Just as if you would be creating your own Content Editor.

What's even better is that your future "write and publish an article" tasks should now cover more topics related to the entered keyword.

After entering your desired keyword, click "Start" to proceed to create a Content Editor article.

Once you're done and your article has been published, remember to mark it as published - this will allow Surfer to track the growth more accurately and present you with valuable data in your report.

"Insert link" task

Your domain changes as you add more content and create new subpages. Surfer will use the Google algorithm to help you find opportunities to build your internal linking net.

"Add missing keywords" task

Google is excellent at analyzing content, and it can rank your page for keywords you had no idea about. Surfer will identify those keywords and present them to you so that you can use their power to your advantage.

"Review competitors' backlinks" task

This task is powered by the Semrush and Surfer integration! Each week, you’ll get a list of backlinks your competitors have recently acquired. You can use these insights to adjust, update, or improve your own link-building strategy.

You will need to connect your Semrush account - a paid or a freemium one, and that's pretty much it - Surfer will take care of the rest!

Do you still need help? Don't worry! You can contact us at [email protected] or via live chat by clicking the icon in the bottom-right corner.

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