Connecting Semrush for the Backlinks Task in Grow Flow

Gain insight into which referrals your competition has recently acquired

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How does it work?

Surfer uses Semrush’s backlink data and integrates them into one of our tools - Grow Flow.

Grow Flow is an AI-powered tool that gives users an automated weekly batch of SEO tasks so they can grow their domain and propel their rankings!

With this feature, each week, you’ll get newly discovered backlinks/referrals which link to your competitors as a Grow Flow task. You can use these insights to adjust, update, or improve your own link-building strategy.

This feature allows you to:

  • Run an analysis of your competitors’ link-building activities. All from the comfort of your Surfer account!

  • See which backlinks your competition has acquired recently on an easy-to-follow list.

  • Adjust, update, or improve your own link-building strategy.

Depending on how big your competition is, you’ll get a list of up to 20 backlinks per week.

Is it free?

The integration itself is technically free. However, you will need an active Surfer subscription with the Grow Flow add-on purchased to get weekly batches of Grow Flow tasks regularly.

On top of that, Semrush offers a freemium plan which is sufficient to make this integration work! 

How to use this feature?

Step 1: If you haven't already, start a Grow Flow project

Step 2: Go to Grow Flow and see your list of tasks.

💡 The task asking you to connect Surfer with Semrush should appear automatically in your Grow Flow's weekly batch of tasks if it didn't, follow this link to integrate Surfer with Semrush.

Step 3: Connect your Semrush account to Surfer.

💡If you don't have a Semrush account, you can sign up and create a freemium account right away:

If you have an account, simply login to your existing Semrush account.

Step 4: Review the requested permissions and hit *Approve*


From now on, you no longer need to visit Semrush or Ahrefs to discover which backlinks appeared in your competitors’ indexes. You’re going to get the list automatically every week. Thanks to this integration, you can get a deeper understanding of your niche and effective link-building techniques.

You will be aware of links that are worth pursuing or avoiding — and the amount of effort needed. Manually researching competitors' backlinks is a considerable drain on internal resources. Thanks to this integration, you’ll discover new opportunities automatically.

Referring domain: Who's referring your competition?
Target page means: Which of your competitors is getting the referral?

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