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Annual Plans Credits allocation
Annual Plans Credits allocation

You will now have all your credits for the year in lumpsum on annual plans 😊

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Don't want to be limited by monthly credit limits? The annual plans are a great way to manage your credits at your own pace without worrying about losing unused credits. You can get up to 34% off and a year's worth of Content Editor and Audit credits in one click! Pretty awesome, right?

How do Content Editor credits in annual plans work?

When you go for an annual plan, you get all your content editor credits for the year in one batch! E.g. for the Essential plan, all 180 Content Editors will be available for you just right after starting the subscription.

Please note that these lumpsum credits only apply to content editor credits if you're on the current pricing. Since Audit and SERP analyzer credits will be purchased as add-ons, those will be available as a monthly limit and will renew every month on the day you purchase the add-ons.

For Legacy plan users, you can keep your subscriptions the way they are for as long as you want, but any changes to your plan will need to happen within the current pricing. For more information about your Legacy plan, check out our Legacy Plan FAQ.

Why lumpsum Content Editor credits?

We would like you to be in charge of your work:

  • You can now organize your credits accordingly depending on your weekly/monthly/quarterly needs.

  • No more losing unused credits! If your schedule is tight on other assignments, and you do not have time for your SEO work in a given month, you can preserve those credits for use in the following months.


Q. Where can I see the pricing details?
A. Please visit our pricing page here

Q. What happens when I upgrade from a monthly plan to an annual plan
A. Any remaining credits will be moved to the new annual plan

Q. When do I see the credits after purchasing?
A. Immediately if the payment goes through successfully.

Q. Can I get yearly audit credits?

A. At the moment, no. Since we invoice add-ons on a monthly basis, audit credits will renew every month on their billing date.

Q. What happens if I upgrade to a higher annual plan while still on the current plan?

A. If you have any remaining credits from the previous plan, they will be added to the new plan, and your billing date will reset.

Q. What happens to my credits if I need to downgrade to a lower annual plan?

A. Downgrades are scheduled at the end of the billing year. Please contact the Support Team for assistance.

Q. I used all my yearly credits already, but my billing period has not ended yet. How can I get more credits?

A. You can "Allow creating more Content Editors after the baseline limit is exceeded," and you will be charged for every additional content editor credit used in your next payment

Do you still need help? Don't worry! You can contact us at [email protected] or via live chat by clicking the icon in the bottom-right corner.

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