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Multiple domains and Add-ons

Is it possible to connect multiple domains (websites) to Grow Flow?


Are there any limitations for Grow Flow?

No! The number of domains (websites) you can connect to Grow Flow differs across the plans, but you can always purchase Add-ons to extend your limits.

Is it possible to increase the number of domains or insights?

You can increase the number of domains in Grow Flow by upgrading to a higher plan or purchasing an Add-on. When it comes to Grow Flow tasks, Surfer sends a new batch weekly.

How can I purchase an Add-on?

You can do it directly via your Grow Flow selection page. Choose the domains you are interested in and then click "Add" at the bottom. You will be moved to the checkout shortly to pay.

Will I need to pay the full price for an Add-on if I am purchasing it in the middle of my billing period?

No, the price will be prorated then. You will only pay for the remaining time.

How can I remove the Add-on?

You can reach out to our Support Team, and we will schedule the removal for you at the end of the billing period.

What will happen with my Add-ons if I upgrade?

It depends on the number of your current Add-ons compared to the limits on the new plan:

  • If you have the same or fewer websites than included in the new plan, we will remove current Add-ons from your billing, and you will only pay for the new plan.

  • If you have more websites than included in your new plan, you will need to pay for the extra on top of your subscription.

Can I switch my domain?

Once you add a domain, you won’t be able to remove it on your own yet. Please contact the Surfer Support Team for assistance in removing a domain. You can, however, add new domains at any point.

Google Search Console

I don’t have access to Google Search Console. Can I still use Grow Flow?

Unfortunately, for Grow Flow, a Google Search Console connection is essential. However, you can still use our other features!

What if I connect GSC without the necessary permissions?

It would require adding GSC again as Grow Flow won’t work.

Why don't I see other domains from my Google Search Console?

Surfer needs at least 100 impressions a day to be able to work with a domain.

If you are below this threshold, then we might not have enough meaningful data for Surfer to make recommendations.

Why am I not getting weekly tasks?

The more elaborate structure of a website you have; the more keywords you rank for; the more articles and pages you have — the more tasks Grow Flow will give you.

We recommend using Grow Flow with domains that matured a bit. The more data from Google Search Console we have, the better the recommendations are.

Subscription management

How long can I use Grow Flow?

If you have an active subscription, you will have access to Grow Flow for as long as your subscription stays active. Once you cancel your subscription, you won't get any new tasks.

Do I have to pay extra to use Grow Flow?

Access to Grow Flow is already included in your subscription. Each plan will have a set number of domains to add, but you can add more by purchasing Add-ons.

What can non-subscribers do? Are there limits?

Yes. Non-subscribers can get only one flow of tasks for one domain. To get more, on a weekly basis, it is required to buy one of the Surfer plans.

What will happen to my projects after I’ve downgraded my plan?
After downgrading your plan, you’ll get to choose the domains again, as per the limits of your new plan.

For example, if you were on the Business plan (10 Grow Flow domains available) and downgrade to the Pro plan (5 Grow Flow domains available) — you’ll be taken to the page in Grow Flow where you select domains and get to keep 5 domains. The other 5 projects will be disabled.

Can I resume a Grow Flow project once I upgrade my plan?
Yes! You can pick up your Grow Flow project where you left off at any point after re-subscribing to Surfer or upgrading your plan.


Who can create Grow Flow projects?

Everyone has permission to create new Grow Flow projects. However, only Owners and Admins of the Organization can purchase Add-ons.

What’s the use of AI in Grow Flow?

Grow Flow is AI-powered in a variety of ways. For example, when creating clustering and identifying the content gap.

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