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Grow Flow is one of Surfer's AI-powered add-ons. It gives you automated and low-effort tasks to grow and optimize your domains. Thanks to Grow Flow, you can achieve the biggest SEO impact on your domains with the best ROI.

Connect your Google Search Console to Surfer and let Grow Flow’s advanced analysis send you data-driven SEO insights presented in the form of 4 simple-to-complete types of tasks:

  1. Keyword optimization - there are articles on your page that could rank for keywords you’re not including. Add them for a boost to your impressions and quality traffic!

  2. Internal linking opportunities - it quickly becomes extremely difficult to structure your website properly. Internal linking boosts SEO by improving website navigation, organizing information, and spreading authority and relevance between pages.

  3. Backlink Research - Powered by SEMrush, keep tabs on backlinks earned by your competitors.

  4. Write & publish an article - Grow Flow will suggest new topics to fill content gaps and develop authority.

All tasks are based on your own domain, growth, and competition. You have plenty of unused resources and missed opportunities on your pages, and Grow Flow will help you uncover them!

1. Grow Flow Step-by-step

  1. Make sure your Surfer subscription is active and the Grow Flow add-on is purchased.

  2. Open the Grow Flow tab from the left-side menu in your Surfer app.

  3. Connect your Google Search Console

To connect your Google Search Console to Surfer, go here and click the Sign in with Google button.

4. Connect your domain & create your project

5. Navigate to your project

You are all set - you can now go through your tasks list for your project. Once you finish your first task, your report should be generated within 2 weeks.

2. Tips&tricks

  1. You can purchase and add as many domains as you need from multiple Google Search Accounts, and your Surfer login e-mail does not have to be the same as the one you want to connect.

  2. If there is more than one property for the same domain in your Google Search Console (for example, one with www and without www), we will pull the one that generates more traffic.

  3. When connecting your Google Search Console, remember to grant Surfer all required permissions. Otherwise, we will not be able to pull all the necessary data.

Grow Flow is perfect for individuals and teams with limited resources and/or SEO expertise. The proof is in the pudding - regular reports chart gains since connecting to Grow Flow. Pair well with GSC reports focused on growth.

At just $9/month, it’s an extremely cost-effective means for domain-level SEO!


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