General information and FAQ

1. How to reset my password?

Right now the only option to reset your password is to log out and use the "Don't remember your password?" option.

2. Where does Surfer take data from?

At Surfer we have our own crawlers to provide you with data for SERP Analyzer and Content Editor features. Data for Keyword Research and the extension comes from external database which we process and serve in our tools.

3. Which languages Surfer work with?

In SERP Analyzer and Content Editor, Surfer works with all left-to-right languages.

Keyword Research and Keyword Surfer work for the following locations: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Poland, United Kingdom, United States, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Sweden.

4. How many users can use one account?

A few users can use one account at the same time. There's no limit on the number of people working simultaneously.

5. Do you provide an API?

Currently we don't provide any API for our users. If you'd like to integrate with Surfer in your business, contact us at [email protected]

6. How to cancel my account or edit my billing information?

You can cancel you account or update your information any time in your billing settings.

Note, that if you're a trial user you don't have to cancel your subscription. After seven days, it will automatically end and will not renew without your request.