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Surfer's AI Detector and AI Content Humanizer
Surfer's AI Detector and AI Content Humanizer

Humanize your AI generated content in a click.

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Are you looking to make your AI-generated content sound more human? Look no further—we've got you! 💪

With our newly released Humanizer tool, you can now rewrite your AI-generated text into natural-sounding content that reads as though it was written by a human while preserving the original intent and style.

This is an essential tool for content editors, writers, publishers, and marketing managers seeking to ensure the human-like authenticity of their content while maintaining the SEO-related elements necessary for high-ranking content.

You can access the tool via our landing page and in-app if you have a Surfer account! 😉

How does the tool work?

Surfer's AI checker fine-tunes your AI drafts, enhancing their style and tone to meet human standards and ensuring your content remains undetectable by AI content detectors.

Surfer's Free AI Detector and AI Humanizer 

Our free AI Detector and AI Content Humanizer is available to all with the below word limits:

  • 500 words per month for users without a Surfer account

  • 1000 words per month for users with a Surfer account but no subscription

  • 50000 words per month for users with an active Surfer subscription

If you have an active Surfer account and see a 500-word limit at the bottom of the humanizer window, please log in and reload the page to reflect the correct word count. 

If you don't have a Surfer account and want to increase your word count limit to 1000 words monthly, you can sign up for an account and reload the page.

To extend your word limits even further, start with our free 7-day Surfer trial and select from one of our subscription plans that comes with 50,000 words per month! 🎉

💭 Do you still need help? You can reach us at [email protected] or by clicking on the chat icon in the bottom-right corner. We're here 24/5! 😊

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