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What's new at Surfer? April 2024
What's new at Surfer? April 2024

Quick summary of features released in April and upcoming products

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I'm pretty sure you know what to expect from this month's newsletter. πŸ‘€

But, if you've somehow missed it (honestly, if you did, message me because that means I need to up my in-app notification game! 😱): we have two great features that will make your work ✨ much ✨ easier ✨: Auto-Optimize and Internal Linking (more on that below).

If you already know about those, I recommend going straight to the What's Next section - we have several great improvements coming out in a few weeks 🎁 And to get you in the right mood for what's to come, our co-founder and Head of Marketing, Tomek Niezgoda prepared handy educational videos:

Oh, and to all of you that we got to see in person during the BrightonSEO conference in the UK - it was a blast! ❀️

What's new? πŸ‘‡


Content Score is fun to play with but it can get tricky - especially when you have more than one article to write and a short deadline. Thankfully, now you can optimize your articles with a single click. 😌

The new Auto-optimize feature analyzes and gives improvement suggestions for your article in real-time, improving its Content Editor score and rankings, without changing the original meaning or readability.

In other words, it will help you get to the green score in the blink of an eye! Read more

And soon, it should also help with formatting too 🀞 Until then, make sure your article has properly formatted paragraphs before running Auto-Optimize.

So, whether you're working on a new article or re-optimizing old content, save yourself time and click "Auto-Optimize" whenever your content is ready context-wise and leave SEO optimization to our AI. ✨

Auto Internal Linking

A good internal linking strategy is a must in SEO. And I have good news for you:

Automated internal linking feature is already available inside any Content Editor πŸŽ‰

How does it work? Simple: connect your Google Search Console and we’ll automatically insert 5-10 most relevant URLs from your domain into the article you’re working on, saving you a ton of time and mental energy.

If you were looking for a way to automate your internal linking strategy and get your new pages indexed faster, there it is!

Advanced export with WordPress plugin

With the newest update to our WordPress plugin, you can choose between the post type (including custom types), category, tags, authors and post status when exporting your drafts. πŸŽ‰

There are also some sidebar improvements that will minimize differences between Surfer app and WordPress plugin 😌 all to improve your experience!

What’s coming next? πŸ‘‡

Comments and tagging in Content Editors

Very soon all collaboration features will be fully released - and that includes comments, tagging and notifications. 🀝

Internal Linking improvements

We're working on adding a transparent way of highlighting and reviewing all changes suggested by the Internal Linking feature. πŸ”

Domain Map (for content gap mapping)

We’re refining the integration between Topical Map and Google Search Console to give you a transparent overview of which topics you already covered and where you still have some work to do - all to make your road to topical authority a no-brainer! We should have it ready in Beta within a couple of weeks.

After that we will work on adding visualization and a way to import your own keywords into Surfer for easier planning and scheduling 🀞

Content Audit (for clarity on the next best step)

Picture this: You log into Surfer, run a fast check on your website's content, and bamβ€”you're handed a list of top-notch tweaks to boost your rankings effortlessly. Pretty cool, right? Now, what if said fast check would come with monitoring capabilities and alert you about your content loosing its position - would you love it or love it? πŸ˜ƒ

Well, Content Audit is almost ready to be released in Beta! And we plan to include it in all Surfer plans within a couple of weeks 🎁

With Content Audit, keeping your existing and old content optimized will be easier than ever ❀️

AI Humanizer (for better reading flow and safe AI usage)

First of all, if you're not using AI to help with content creation you are missing out (not sure where to start? Try Surfer AI, you'll love it!).

That being said, current AI language models still feel "off" - they make everything "transformative" and "crucial", overuse phrases like "delve", "unlock", or "ensure", and almost completely ignore the existence of parentheses and em dashes.

And we can all see it. πŸ₯²

That's why, before we finalize a custom tone of voice for our AI articles, we decided to step in and help you quickly humanize your AI content - be it generated with Surfer AI or any other tool (I'm looking at you, GPT users! πŸ‘€ ).

We're currently training our own model on countless human-written articles and teaching it how to spot AI flaws to then replace them with human-like phrases. It will not only make your content read much better but also reduce AI discoverability - in case you still care about that.

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That's it for March! Don't forget to follow us on social media:

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