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How to export content between Surfer and WordPress?
How to export content between Surfer and WordPress?
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How to export the content from a content editor to WordPress?

To export the post from a content editor to WordPress:

  1. Click the "Export" button with the WordPress icon in the top right corner of the Content Editor.

  2. Choose if you want to create a new WordPress draft or update an existing WordPress post. ​If you have more than one domain connected, you need to select one for the export.

  • Creating a new post in WordPress will be visible as a draft, so you need to go to your WordPress to publish it.

  • When you update an existing post, it doesn't matter if it's a draft or published in WordPress; the status stays the same. When the post is published, we update it, and the changes will be visible as published immediately.

How to export a WordPress post to Surfer?

To export the WordPress post to a new content editor:

  1. Open the WordPress post you want to export to Surfer.

  2. Open the Surfer tab and click "Optimize with Surfer."

  3. Choose whether you want to create a new content editor (for 1 credit) and connect it with a WP post or connect an already-existing content editor.

  4. After the export is done, start editing in Surfer (or stay in WordPress).

Your content in the WordPress post recently changed, and you would like to update the Content Editor you created? It's simple! Just go to your WordPress post, choose the option "Update the CE," and the newest version of the post will be updated in the content editor you previously created (no credit is charged for the update)!

How to disconnect a WordPress post from a content editor?

Just go to the WordPress post, open the Surfer tab, scroll down, and at the end of the terms list, click three dots, then "Disconnect."

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