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Track your performance with the WordPress plugin Google Search Integration
Track your performance with the WordPress plugin Google Search Integration
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Thanks to Google Search Console integration with Surfer, you can track your posts' performance directly in WordPress. Just add your GSC account in the GSC integration tab in Surfer directly or click the "Add GSC account to Surfer" button in WordPress to be transferred there.

⚠️ Remember that you need to be connected to the Google Search Console account that contains the exact domain you use the Surfer plugin within WordPress (for example, you have a Surfer plugin installed on WordPress, so you need to connect Surfer to GSC that has this domain –, added as a property).

The impressions, clicks, and ranking position data are available on the "Posts" tab of your WordPress account.

⚠️ Important! The data shows the number of impressions and clicks gained. The data is gains week to week. If there is no traffic, the gain will be shown as 0.

As the data is imported once a week, on Monday, you may see the information "Relax while we’re gathering your data" when:
– you integrated your Google Search Console before/after Monday's import
– the Monday import was done, but there was no data for a particular post in your GSC.

To monitor the posts' position in Google ranking, we show both an increase and a decrease in the position.

💡 We check the data each week (on Monday) to review the past 7-day period.

For all posts we let you know about:

– any position drop for the posts in the top 10

– position drop to the next 10s (for example, from 23 to 41 position or 31 to 45)

– drop from any position to 0 (out of the index)

Additionally, for posts optimized with Surfer (in Content Editor), we inform you about:

– any positions increase (by at least 2 positions)

– position update from not ranked to any position (post being indexed)

Performance Reports

All the GSC performance data (impression, clicks, ranking data), next to the "Posts" tab, is also gathered in the "Performance Report" tab of the Surfer plugin:

You can also enable the option to get the monthly summarization of the Performance Reports to your email.

⚠️When it comes to the ranking position in Google, in the Report's email summarization, we focus on the post's starting position – it needs to be in Google's top 50.


– if the post had the position of 23 and it dropped to 60, it will be reflected in the Report

– if the position was 51 and it increased to 43, it won't be reflected as the starting position was below the top 50

New indexed pages will also be shown in the email with the report summary.

💡 Directly in the Performance Report tab, you will find complete data, nevertheless the starting position.

⚠️To turn off the Surfer GSC data column, go to the "Screen Options" (upper right corner of the Posts page in WP) and unmark the "Surfer" checkbox:

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