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Starting August 16th, 2023, Grow Flow will no longer be available for new users and won’t receive technological support from our side (basically, we won’t be addressing any potential bugs or issues or allowing new users to join the Grow Flow experience).

As a current Grow Flow user, we are happy to provide you with guidance while using the tool. You can still contact us at [email protected] or via live chat, available by clicking the bottom-right corner icon.

If you are a Grow Flow user already and you're happy with it - don’t worry! You can keep using the domains you already purchased and even add new ones as long as you want. Nothing will change on your end.

Why are we pivoting, then?

We spent almost all of 2022 working on bringing Grow Flow to you.

When we say the hopes were high, we really mean it - we wanted to revolutionize the way we all work with on-page SEO and create an all-in-one SEO growth management platform that would make SEO accessible for literally anyone who owns a domain, regardless of previous SEO experience.

And we were close. Really, really close.

But we can do better.

Much better.

We want to direct our energy towards building things that don't just make our users happy but ecstatic. Grow Flow is good. What we build next will be great.

Thank you all for your support and feedback since Grow Flow was released. New is scary, but you all took a leap of faith, and it meant the world to us!

We’re already cooking up even better ways to provide you with a clear pathway to smarter, simpler SEO growth, so keep your eyes open for our new product releases!

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