In this article, you will learn more about different types of tasks that can be found in our Grow Flow tool!

1. Write and Publish an Article task

2. Add internal links task

3. Add missing keywords task

4. Review competitors' backlinks task

5. Task types and task distribution across different projects

6. Additional resources

1. Write and publish an article

With this task, Surfer will automate building topical authority for your page based on identified content gaps and clustering methods. Once complete, a new write and publish article task will generate for you immediately!

All Content Editors made through Grow Flow are free of charge.

This is the only task type that is available for both low and high-impression projects.

2. Add internal links.

Your domain changes as you add more content and create new subpages. Surfer will use the Google algorithm to identify opportunities for building internal contextual links.

3. Add missing keywords

Google is excellent at analyzing content, and it can rank your page for keywords you had no idea about. Surfer will identify those keywords for you so that you can use their power to your advantage.

4. Review competitors' backlinks.

This task is powered by the Semrush and Surfer integration! Each week, you’ll get a list of backlinks your competitors have recently acquired. You can use these insights to adjust, update or improve your own link-building strategy.

5. Task types and distribution across different projects

Depending on your project type, your tasks will be distributed differently.

For low-impression domains, we don't have enough traffic data to process all types of tasks that are available for the high-impression project. That being said, you will get only one task type (Write and Publish an Article), and you will be given one task at a time - dismissing or marking the previous task as completed will generate a new one.

In most circumstances, publishing and indexing a few quality articles made with Surfer should result in the domain surpassing 100 daily impressions, though it's heavily dependent on many factors, including your niche.

If you have a high-impression project with a paid Surfer subscription, you will get all task types in weekly batches.

If you have a high-impression project but you are on the Free plan, you will get all types of tasks as well. Two first sets of tasks will be generated in weekly batches. Your next tasks will refresh once per month.

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