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The wait is over, BF 2022 deals are here now!

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How does saving 30% on all annual subscriptions sound? OR getting 10% off on all monthly plans?

If you were planning on saving some money this November, Surfer's got you covered! Besides amazing discounts, during our Black Friday 2022 event, each new purchase or upgrade comes with a great... perk! Curious? Scroll down to find out more!

In this article, you will learn:

  1. What is our Black Friday 2022 offer?

  2. What are the general rules of promotion?

Lastly, we will answer some of your most Frequently Asked Questions!

Surfer's Black Friday 2022

For 2022, we made it extra simple. For each new plan purchase or upgrade, we are granting you a discount:

  • 10% off for monthly plans

  • 30% off for annual plans (in addition to the 17% discount annual plans already have!)

But that's not all. That's right, this year, we also have a new Community Game!

Every upgrade or new subscription purchase adds points to the global Black Friday Frenzy game and unlocks a new level! Each level contains a bonus, and at the end of Cyber Monday, those who participated can choose one of the unlocked perks!

Those include:

  • Level 1: Unlimited organization

  • Level 2: 30% more Audit credits

  • Level 3: 2 GF projects for free

  • Level 4: 30% more CE credits

  • Level 5: And an extra hidden one which will be revealed when we reach Level 4!

A small disclaimer: The 30% more credits will be counted from the base number of Editors or Audits in your plan. It will not include any extra credits from our Giveaway or last year's Black Friday event.

What if you like perks but don't want to upgrade? Say no more... or actually, please do, in the form of filling out our feedback survey! 3 days after Cyber Monday, you will be able to choose your bonus!


That's not the end of the surprises! Together with the Black Friday Event, Surfer is introducing a new yearly credit system!

Instead of receiving a pool of credits to use per month, you now get credits to use per year. No more losing your unused credits on a monthly basis. You'll use what you need when you need it!

You can read more about this change in our Annual Plans Credits allocation article.

General rules:

  1. How long will the Black Friday offer last?

    The promotion begins on Thursday, 24th Nov, at 4 PM UTC, and ends on Tuesday, 29th Nov, at 8 AM UTC. Mark those days in your calendar so you won't miss them!

  2. Who can participate in the promotion?
    All new and upgrading customers can take advantage of the 10% or 30% discounts for monthly and annual plans respectively. An upgrade can be from one monthly plan to a higher one or from monthly to yearly!

    If you are not upgrading, you can still get a perk by filling out our feedback form!

  3. How long do the BF discount and perks last?
    The discount applies for as long as you maintain your paid subscription with Surfer! It’ll even apply if you upgrade your subscription at any point in the future.

    The same is for the perks: even if you choose to upgrade your subscription in the future, your perks will carry over too!

  4. When can I select my perks?
    When the Black Friday event ends after Cyber Monday, you will be able to choose your perk from all of the unlocked levels. Make your choice, but be careful, you can do it only once!

  5. How can I choose my perks?
    You will be able to do that via your billing dashboard after Cyber Monday. On the same page, you can also review your perks from last year!


  1. Do I have to choose between a discount and receiving perks?
    No! You’ll receive a discounted subscription and a perk of your choice when participating in this promotion.

  2. If I cancel my plan, will I get the BF 2022 discount while re-activating the plan?
    Unfortunately, when you cancel, you lose the discount and perks.

  3. Is there any coupon for BF 2022?
    There’s no coupon code; the discount will be applied automatically at checkout.

  4. Do I need to cancel my current plan to get a discount?
    No, you can simply upgrade your plan through our pricing page.
    Both changing to a higher tier of the plan (e.g., Basic → Pro) and changing from monthly to annual billing are considered upgrades and are eligible for discounts.

  5. I already have a discount; will this one add to it?

    Only the annual plans' 17% discounts stack in this event. If you have another discount and would like to change it to a Black Friday one, please reach out to our Support Team on chat. We will replace it for you!

  6. Do the BF 2022 perks stack?
    No, you’ll need to choose the best perk for yourself from those available!

  7. Can I change my perk after already choosing one?
    It's a one-time choice, so keep in mind that you won't be able to change it later.

  8. I'm on a Legacy plan. Can I get a discount?
    Users who haven’t yet used their one-time upgrade to another legacy plan can take advantage of our BF deal and get 10% off for monthly or 30% off yearly upgrades. If you are on a monthly plan, you can also switch to an annual with a discount!

    Unfortunately, if you’re on a Legacy plan and have used your one-time upgrade already, you are not eligible for a BF discount.

Do you still need help? Don't worry! You can contact us at [email protected] or via live chat by clicking the icon in the bottom-right corner.

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