Surfer's WordPress plugin allows you to export your content directly from Content Editor to a WordPress post – either to an existing one or a new draft.

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How to install the plugin?

  1. Go to your WordPress, and in the left bar, click on "Plugins" » "Add new."

  2. Add “Surfer” to the search bar on the right.

  3. Click “Install now” » “Activate.”

  4. You will be directed to the plugins list. Now look for a SurferSEO tab in the left bar, and click on it.

  5. Log in to your Surfer account to connect your WordPress Account with Surfer.

  6. Et voila! You’re connected, and now you can start exporting content from Content Editor to your WordPress!

How to export the content from a content editor to WordPress?

To export the post from a content editor to WordPress:

  1. Click the "Export" button with the WordPress icon in the top right corner of the Content Editor.

  2. Choose the domain to which you want to export data if you have more than one available.

  3. Choose if you want to create a new post or update an existing one.

  4. Check if all data is correct.

  5. Click the "Create a new Post" or "Update selected Post" button, depending on which option you choose, and your content will be visible in WordPress.

  • When you create a new post in WordPress, it will be visible as a draft, so you need to go to your WordPress to publish it.

  • When you update an existing post, it doesn't matter if it's a draft or published in WordPress, the status stays the same, so when the post is published, we update it, and the changes will be visible as published straight away.

How to disconnect the plugin?

You can close the connection in WordPress or in Surfer.

in WordPress

  1. Go to your WordPress admin.

  2. Choose "SurferSEO" from the menu on the left.

  3. Click "Disconnect."

in Surfer

  1. Find the domain that you want to disconnect.

  2. Click "Disconnect" next to the domain name.

Keyword Surfer module

The Keyword Surfer module allows you to get keyword suggestions. All you need to do is to put a keyword that you want to find similar keywords for, the location that you want to rank for, and click on the purple "Generate Keyword Ideas" button.

To start using it, just open your WordPress post, and it will be available in the column on the right:

MAGNIFYING GLASS icon – search volume per month

“PAGES” icon – similarity score – how similar are the SERPs of your keyword compared to the one from the list.

DOLAR icon – cost per click for Google Adwords campaigns

No results – it means that we do not have data for this keyword, and the best solution would be to try with another one.


Which WordPress editors/builders does the plugin support? The plugin supports two basic WordPress editors/builders: Gutenberg and Classic Editor.

Can I also use the plugin to export content to WordPress pages? No, for now, you can use the plugin only to export content to your WordPress posts, although if you are a user with programming knowledge, you can try this method to update WP pages.

Can I connect multiple WordPress pages to Surfer? Yes, you can. Each time you add a new WP page, follow the steps in this instruction.

Can I connect a WordPress page to multiple Surfer accounts? No, you can only connect a particular WordPress page to one Surfer account.

Is the plugin free? The plugin is free to download, but you can use it as long as you have an active Surfer subscription.


For troubleshooting, please check this article: Surfer's WordPress plugin – errors troubleshooting.

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