Content Score is a powerful metric, but it appears to be a genuine mystery to some users. So, as we don't want to keep all the magic to ourselves, we decided to gather all the matters related to Content Score that we discuss daily with you in chats & emails to create the Content Score overview! You can read it from A to Z or just find the answer to your particular question.

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How can I get the maximum Content Score?

Although it's entirely possible to get a score of 100, let us explain why it shouldn't always be your primary goal.

Content Score is pure mathematics, and therefore sometimes scoring 100 would mean writing to satisfy Surfer's algorithm, not your audience. Remember – readability always comes first!

Your goal should depend on your priority & amount of time you have:

  • If you have tons of ideas, care about high pace, and focus on building a topical authority of the domain as fast as possible, getting your article to the Content Score of 70-80 is a good idea!

  • If you want to improve your performance, but you are still short on time and can't polish all the articles to the top scores, write for the Content Score of 80 and complete the task.

  • If you are working on a few articles per month, go on and aim for the Content Score of 95 – there is no point for you in stopping at 80 if you can spend an extra hour getting to 95!

TIP: What can be helpful for you is to remember the Pareto rule (20% of effort for 80% of the results). There's no point in spending time polishing one article to get the Content Score of 100 when SERPs are changing so fast.

Why doesn't my Content Score rise despite applying what the Guidelines suggest?

Content Score considers more factors than the ones listed in the Audit or the Content Editor, so it's not enough to only apply Surfer's suggestions.

Generally speaking, Content Score grades all the good SEO practices like putting the exact keywords in h1, using NLPs, adding partial keywords, and having keywords above the fold.

Turning the boxes green is essential, that's true, but the way you do this is of significant meaning too!

Content Score is granular, and therefore, even if you apply all the suggestions, your score might drop because you have not done that according to good SEO practices.

TIP: Take a look at the Outline feature within the Content Editor. It consists of unique headings and paragraphs based on what your competitors published. You can copy-paste the content, give it a personalized touch, and finish your work faster and more efficiently!

» We also created Seo Writing Masterclass to help you boost your SEO-writing skills.

Will the customization in Content Editor affect my Content Score?

If you made any changes to the Customization Panel:

such as competitors or word count, it could be that the maximum Content Score may drop as you change what Surfer regards best.

Guidelines are based on the best-optimized pages within the top 10 pages on your SERP location for your keyword(s) that set the perfect pattern – what you're looking for is to create a piece of content similar to your competitors that already rank high in Google.

» If you don't have to change your Guidelines, and they're accurate for you, your content will be 100% relevant to what is already in SERPs top 10.

» If you have to customize, then it usually means that the SERPs are not homogenous regarding the search intent or that you're not matching the search intent (you're looking for a competitor with the same search intent as yours).

Here's what you can do:

  • Change your competitors to match your intent better. Although your relevancy may drop slightly (you're drifting away from Surfer's accurate suggestions), it should still be of great value!

  • Try searching for a more relevant keyword(s) to cover in your content – maybe you're just trying to rank for the wrong keyword, and your relevance can be higher while choosing another keyword.

Can the Content Score be too high and make my content over-optimized?

A high Content Score doesn't mean an over-optimized article. You definitely don't need to worry about that! All the guidelines come from top-ranking pages, thus from a usage. We would never recommend overusing a keyword because it comes from top-ranking pages. If top-ranking pages use a keyword a lot, it is not over-optimization but simply an acceptably high frequency.

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1. Why do I have different Content Score thus suggestions in Content Editor and Audit?

First and most important – it's very likely and normal to see the difference between those two tools! Please look at this detailed explanation if you want to know more.

2. Why is my Content Score 0?

If you sometimes see that your Content Score is 0, and it's not moving no matter what, please take a look at this article, as there are 3 possible reasons for that.

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