Why is Content Score different for different keywords
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Once you checked Content Score for your page, you might have discovered that one page has a different Content Score for different search queries. Although the content isn't changing, there are different users and Google's expectations associated with particular keywords.

It's because Content Score evaluates the content quality and relevancy in the context of a target phrase.

Example: a homepage of a local contractor from London

This page with high-quality content can rank in the top 10 for "local contractors London" and score high because of its relevancy.

The Content Score for the phrase "local contractor Newcastle" should be lower due to a lack of references to Newcastle on the website.

The Content Score for the phrase "headphones reviews 2020" will, of course, be shallow.

In this case, the content could get the following scores:

  • For the keyword "local contractors London": 79 points.

  • For "local contractors Newcastle": 41 points.

  • For "headphones reviews 2020": 2 points.

Tip: Low Content Score indicates your page is not relevant for a target keyword. You can improve Content Score by following guidelines from Audit and Content Editor.

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