You can use Surfer to evaluate your Content Score for any URL in SERP Analyzer. You can improve the Content Score for your website by optimizing your content's quality and relevancy.

If your Content Score doesn't satisfy you, there is an option to improve by implementing changes that increase your website's quality and relevancy.

Tip: To improve your rankings, make sure you offer the best content for your target keyword. If there are many pages with high scores in search results, pick the best competitors for your analysis.

Some factors included in Content Score are:

  • Usage of relevant words and phrases

  • Title and H1

  • Headers and paragraphs structure

  • Content length

  • Images occurrences

  • OG data existence

  • Main keyword, partial keywords, NLP, and True Density usage

Proper structure and optimal topical coverage increase Content Score and help you meet user's expectations. Content Score will help you to find the balance between quality, relevancy, and SEO friendliness of your website.

You can use Surfer's Audit together with True Density and NLP to improve your content.

Tip: Optimizing pages with Audit is your best chance to improve quality and relevance of your page for the given keyword.

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