Content Score is a value from 1 to 100 which describes the relevance and quality of your content.

A score below 33 means your content is not optimized enough. You probably need to add more text and optimize important terms.

A score between 33 and 66 means your content is optimized quite well. At this stage, you should have most of your work done.

A score over 66 means your content is ready-to-go. You should aim at the highest CS however anything over 66 indicates a decent optimization.

It's usually impossible to get a 100 Content Score. If you make any changes in the customization panel, this may affect your maximal achievable score. Sometimes it's better to use your common sense and keep your Content Score 90 than trying to get the highest score. Such an approach may damage your final work!

To increase Content Score follow the advice from guidelines. Especially:

  • Make sure you use prominent terms in headings;

  • Avoid overoptimization of any suggested term;

  • Add images with a relevant alternative text.

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