How to find a writers who can use the Content Editor?

Visit our SEO content writers directory to find people experienced with Surfer.

To close the gap between providing you data-driven guidelines and delivering well-written, perfectly optimized content, Surfer created the Content Writers Directory


Most of the writers listed in the directory are familiar with Surfer, and they will be happy to work with guidelines from Surfer's Content Editor! Those that are verified Surfer users have a little icon next to their profile.


It's best to connect writers via email or LinkedIn and agree on the final offer together. Especially make sure to define:

  • Scope of the project
  • Word count – it's good to agree on some ranges
  • Deadline
  • Number of reviews



Surfer is not responsible for the result of your collaboration with writers. We do not charge writers to get listed in the directory, and we don't get any commission for a sale. Our team aggregates SEO writers in one place so you can reach out to a few of them before making any call and making an educated decision about your money allocation. Thank you!