Explore text content - headings, bolded words, and hidden text.

Next to each page in the SERPs, you’ll find the [A] icon which gives you access to some really valuable information that can help you better understand how your competitor’s pages are structured.


This button gives you information on:

  • Title of the page
  • Meta Description for the page
  • Each h1, h2, and h3 used on the page
  • Each word or phrase that is  <strong> or <b> tags on the page
  • What is the hidden content on the page (CSS: hidden)

This really helps when it comes to understanding how your competitors have their page structured, and specifically identifying which terms or keywords they have incorporated into headers. That’s super useful. 

The “A” button combines really well with the Audit. The audit gives you a direct comparison metrically, for example, how many headers are used in comparison to other pages, but the “A” button allows you to see specifically what the headers are.