Keyword Research

Finding the right keywords is the basis for any content marketing, SEO, or advertisement campaigns. Surfer's Keyword Research works in all languages and is a goldmine of suggestions for your business.

There are 3 possibilities to browse keywords suggestions:

  • Similar Keywords

  • Having same terms

  • Questions

Similar Keywords

In Similar Keywords, to give you relevant suggestions, Surfer use reverse engineering by checking similarity between SERPs.

So what does it mean if there's 65% SERP similarity between "content marketing" and "what is content marketing?"?

It means that 65% pages from top 20 are shared between those two SERPs. Based on that you may add some secondary keywords to your content.

For your primary keyword, you get additional data on global search volume like this:

Having Same Terms

Having Same Terms section gives you ideas for keywords which contain your main phrase. Just as in the Similar Keywords, you get estimates search volume for a phrase.

This is the list I got for the "content marketing" phrase for the UK:


Questions work similarly to Similar Keywords. You get suggestion for questions that people search for in Google with volume and SERP similarity to your primary term.