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Automated Internal Linking tool [Beta]
Automated Internal Linking tool [Beta]

What is and how to use Surfer's Insert Internal Links tool

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The impact internal linking has on your content pages' SEO performance cannot be overestimated.

The more content pages your website has - the harder it gets to do internal linking manually.

Surfer's Insert Internal Links feature would help you streamline this process for any article. This is a great opportunity to review your previously created articles and make use of this new feature to help your new pages get indexed more quickly!

Limited-time Beta Promo

Do you have many articles that could use our new Internal Linking feature?

Good news! Beta version comes with Unlimited Internal Linking access! So go ahead and use it as much as you like and please don't hesitate to share your feedback with our Support Team.

Internal Linking is automatically enabled for current plan subscribers. Legacy users must opt-in in-app to get access.

How it works

You need to have a Google Search Console account connected to Surfer in order to use the feature.
Once you click the " Insert Internal Links" button in a Content Editor, the GSC account selection pop-up appears. Select a GSC account of a domain in which an article will be published.

Hit the "Insert Internal Links" button in the pop-up and wait for the internal links to appear in your article! The tool will automatically select anchor text and insert 5 to 10 internal links into your article.

Next, you can review the added links and edit or discard if you wish. We suggest using it right before you're ready to publish an article as the final touch.

For a quick Demo, please take a look at the following video for How to Improve your URL rankings Quickly:


Is it free?

It's unlimited and free during the BETA period. You can run it in both Surfer AI and non-AI Content Editors.

Where can I find this feature?

Automated Internal Linking has been rolled out to 25% of our users at the moment. We will gradually increase this number. Please not that legacy users must opt-in in app to enable the feature.

Can I edit the internal link's anchor text?

Yes, once the tool inserts internal links into an article, they behave like any other URL. You can edit a URL's anchor text or delete it.

What would happen if I ran the tool more than once?

You'd keep getting internal links if our AI finds relevant content pages on your website on any consecutive run. However, running it once should suffice in almost all cases since, as our study shows, the relevance of the suggestions gets worse with any consecutive run, and having more than 10 internal links in an article doesn't boos its SEO performance exponentially, as the first 10.

Do you still need help? Don't worry! You can contact us at [email protected] or via live chat by clicking the icon in the bottom-right corner.

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