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What's new at Surfer? March 2024
What's new at Surfer? March 2024

Quick summary of features released in March and upcoming products

Updated over a week ago

Before we jump to updates, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: 🐘 Google algorithm updates 🐘

A lot of websites got hit pretty hard by the two most recent Google changes: February’s helpful content update and March’s core and SPAM update.

I'm pretty sure meditation podcasts saw a surge of new listeners because of this. Thankfully, Satya, our resident SEO expert and Tomek, our Head of Marketing got together and quickly prepared steps to recover from both updates.

IF you’ve been affected, here’s what you need to do:

With these, you will get back on top (where you belong) in no time.

Crisis averted, let’s move to more exciting things: the newest feature roundup! ⬇️

What's new? 👇

Create articles in bulk

You created a topical map with tons of new articles to cover but don’t want to create them one by one? We got you: bulk article creation is now available in Topical Map!

You can handpick article or choose all within the cluster and bulk-generate them with Surfer AI or bulk-create with Content Editor. Writing at scale has never been this easy!

PS. We also improved Topical Map’s suggestions for semantically-related article ideas - give it a try by creating a new query and see for yourself!

Collaborate with comments

Whether you’re writing from a beach in Bali, a café in Mexico City, or your office in Chicago, Surfer will now allow you to collaborate with colleagues directly inside the Content Editor.

You can implement changes simultaneously in real time and add comments or tag teammates to get your content one step closer to being published! And if you make a mistake you can always use our versioning history as a backup.

Can’t see comments yet? Don’t worry - all new features are released in batches and you’ll gain your access soon.

Generate in Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese

New month, new languages! Surfer AI added two new languages to its repertoire: Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. Both are already available to all Surfers.


Real-time Surfer guidelines in WordPress

I know, I know, I already mentioned it last month. But the 1.4 version of the plugin is officially live and waiting for your plugin update, so a little reminder won’t hurt 😅 To recap:

  • 1.4 brings Surfer directly into top editors like Gutenberg, Classic Editor, and Elementor (Beta)

  • you get real-time access to your Content Score and SEO guidelines

  • when working in Surfer and exporting to WordPress, all images will be auto-added to your Media Library

What’s coming next? 👇

Internal linking on autopilot

Automated internal linking tool inside Content Editor will soon be available for any article, anytime, without any limits 🎉

How will it work? Simple: connect your Google Search Console and we’ll automatically insert 5-10 most relevant URLs from your domain into the article you’re working on, saving you ton of time and mental energy.

One-click optimization

What if you could improve your Content Score and readability in just a single click? 🤯

The new Auto-optimize feature will analyze your article and find opportunities to boost its Content Score by adding relevant terms while making sure all changes read as human-made.

PS. It will be implemented in place of Insert Terms, so don't get spooked if you'll see a new shiny "Auto-Optimize" button instead of it 🙃

No more content gaps

We’re refining the integration between Topical Map and Google Search Console to give you a transparent overview of which topics you already covered and where you still have some work to do - all to make your road to topical authority a no-brainer!

Advanced export with WordPress plugin

We’re working on a few sidebar improvements to minimize differences between Surfer and WordPress plugin and preparing extra export options for you: soon, you’ll be able to choose between post type, category, tags, authors, and post status. 👌

Domain auditing capabilities

Picture this: You log into Surfer, run a fast check on your website's content, and bam—you're handed a list of top-notch tweaks to boost your rankings effortlessly. Pretty cool, right?

Well, early Beta users are already clicking through the first version and it’s looking pretty great 😎 Expect your SEO to get much simpler in May!

Custom Tone of Voice

We understand that sticking to a SERP-based tone doesn't always cut it, especially when you're aiming for brand consistency in crowded markets. Rest assured: a customizable tone of voice is still on our roadmap, although it got moved to the second part of the year, because we’re cooking up a cool surprise for you in the meantime! 🎁

Surprise, surprise:

AI Humanizer 🎁

First of all, if you're not using AI to help with content creation you are missing out (not sure where to start? Try Surfer AI, you'll love it!).

That being said, current AI language models still feel "off" - they make everything "transformative" and "crucial", overuse phrases like "delve", "unlock", or "ensure", and almost completely ignore the existence of parentheses and em dashes.

And we can all see it. 🥲

That's why, before we finalize the custom tone of voice, we decided to step in and help you quickly humanize your AI content - be it generated with Surfer AI or any other tool (I'm looking at you, GPT users! 👀 ).

We're currently training our own model on countless human-written articles and teaching it how to spot AI flaws to then replace them with human-like phrases. It will not only make your content read much better but also reduce AI discoverability - in case you still care about that.

Keep your fingers crossed for a Beta release in May!

Enhanced AI-Driven Image Creation

We’re already generating the articles for you. Why not generating images too? 🤠

We’re working on letting you effortlessly produce tailor-made AI images whenever you need, refining the initial creations, and boosting the number of AI images auto-generated per article to hit the sweet spot recommended by our content guidelines.

With everything else going on, you can expect this improvement to be released in the second part of the year. 🤞

Newest Blog posts 👇

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That's it for March!

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