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Why you should connect your GSC to Surfer
Why you should connect your GSC to Surfer
Updated over a week ago

Connecting Google Search Console to your account is very easy and comes with many benefits, allowing you to improve and personalize your whole Surfer experience!

How to connect?

To connect:

  • Log into your Surfer account

  • Click the profile icon in the top-left corner

  • Navigate to Settings > Google Search Console

  • Click Add Google Account and select the one you want to connect

  • Remember to grant Surfer all necessary permissions

And that's it!

Why is it worth connecting?

🔑 Deeper Insights into Topical Authority

Understanding the topical authority of your website is crucial for building a strong online presence. Surfer's Topical Map tool is designed to provide insights into the relevance and authority of topics on your website. By connecting GSC, Surfer can enrich your topical authority suggestions with valuable data regarding the keywords and topics your site already ranks for. This integration enhances the Topical Map tool's accuracy, enabling you to identify gaps in content, optimize for relevant topics, and solidify your domain's authority in your niche. 

📖 Performance of Posts Directly in WordPress

If you're using Surfer's WordPress plugin, you can benefit from a seamless integration of all three platforms: Surfer, WordPress, and Google Search Console. One of the biggest advantages of this integration is that you can not only track your post's performance on the posts list but also, when needing adjustments, you can choose to improve them using Surfer (directly in your WordPress!). You can track impressions, clicks, and ranking positions and choose to get a monthly summary sent to your email.

🆕 (Coming soon!) New Domain Monitoring Tool

Keeping a watchful eye on your domain's performance is essential for staying ahead of potential issues and maintaining optimal SEO health. Surfer is planning to release a new solution for domain monitoring, providing real-time insights into your website's performance and identifying areas for improvement. By connecting your domain to Surfer now, you ensure seamless integration with this upcoming feature, allowing you to proactively monitor changes in your website's SEO metrics, address issues promptly, and maintain a competitive edge in the ever-changing digital landscape. And who knows - maybe you will be among the lucky ones selected for the Beta testing group!

🧵No Strings Attached

You can integrate as many Google Search Consoles as you want and disconnect them whenever you no longer need them. We need a view-only mode of your statistics and we use the data only to improve your Surfer experience.

Do you need our assistance? Don't worry! You can easily contact us via e-mail at [email protected] or via live chat by clicking the icon in the bottom-right corner.

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