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Surfer AI Outline Writing Points
Surfer AI Outline Writing Points
Updated this week

We're super excited to kick off the new year with a 🔥bang as we implement new exciting features that will elevate your Surfer experience to new heights. Let us introduce Writing Points in Surfer AI Outline!

How does it work?

Up until now, reviewing and customizing your outline in Surfer AI was pretty limited. With Writing Points in the article outline, we wanted to give you more control over the final article.

On top of the standard list of headings to review, Surfer AI will now generate a much more comprehensive outline with detailed writing points under each heading.

You can edit, remove, or add more points. Each adjustment you make will impact the outcome of your final piece, providing you with numerous options to refine your article. Just toggle on the "Edit writing points" feature, and you're ready to proceed!

Before (a simple list of headings to review and customize)

After (a comprehensive outline to review and customize)

Once you're done reviewing the outline, simply click the "Let's write" button and let the magic happen!🪄


Is there a limit to how many Writing Points can be added?

There is no minimum or maximum number of Writing Points in the outline. However, the more complex your outline is, the longer it may take for the article to be generated.

Is customizing Writing Points necessary to receive an optimized article?

No, customizing Writing Points is not necessary, but it's an important step in reviewing the outline, giving you more control and flexibility. With the option toggled off, we will use the default Bullet Points as a source of knowledge & context for the article.

What languages do Writing Points support?

Writing Points will work with any Surfer AI query. Currently supported AI languages are English, German, Dutch, Polish, French, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Italian, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.

Do you need our assistance? Reach out to us anytime via live chat or e-mail at [email protected]!

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