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Introducing Templates for Surfer AI.

Updated over a week ago

Now, when customizing your AI article, you'll notice a new selector for Article Templates. It allows you to have better control over the article type you are looking and want to generate.

  • Blog: traditional format.

  • Product roundup: for comparing up to 10 products.

  • Single product review: 1 product

Product Round-up:

When selecting Product Round-up, Surfer AI will generate an article with products of your choosing and offer a buyer's guide. For this template, you'll have the option to select from 2 to 10 product names and reference pages that Surfer AI will use to get information. If you are not sure which products to choose or simply want to speed up the process and skip the manual selection, you can leave it all to our AI with Autofilled based on the SERP that is set by default. Alternatively, you can also combine both manual selections and Autofillied.

To add more products, click on + Add a product until you get the number of desired products or when you hit the limit of 10 items.

Single product review

Single product reviews are simpler to set up as you don't need to add more products to the list but to introduce the name of your product or pick one from the suggestions in the dropdown.


What does “Autofill based on the SERPs” do?

It looks for products in the top 10 results, based on your keyword, for both reviews and roundups.

How many products can I compare in a roundup?

A minimum of 2 products and a maximum of 10.

Why don’t I get product suggestions?

Our systems were not able to identify the best product for your keyword with a high enough degree of confidence. Or there may not be a product at all. (If that happens, please get in touch with our amazing Support).

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