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Getting Started: Whitelabel and API
Getting Started: Whitelabel and API
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Whitelabel and API are additional features that cannot be purchased separately but are included in the Enterprise plan.


Make Surfer your best-kept secret with Whitelabeling. Remove all Surfer branding from Content Editor and Audit, and replace it with your own branding!

How to activate white-label?

The white label option needs to be activated manually. After purchasing a plan that includes Whitelabel (Enterprise), you will need to set up a CNAME record on DNS (for example, to

As a last step, please contact our team via live chat or email: [email protected].


Skip the Surfer dashboard and automate query creation for Content Editor, Audit, and SERP Analyzer with access to our API. You can also generate shareable links and analyze data too!

This feature is available only if you have an Enterprise plan. Making requests is otherwise blocked, even if you have a valid API KEY.

With API requests, you can automate query creation, get shareable links and analyze data without accessing our Surfer web app through a graphical interface.

API currently interacts with:

Examples of requests are formatted to the Linux version of the cURL command - if you'd like to use it on a Windows machine, you have to adjust the syntax first.

If you'd prefer to see an example of a JSON request - alternate documentation is available in this document.

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