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Got the basics down? Here’s your next stop →

Surfer Essential and higher subscriptions are perfect for customers who want to have access to actionable SEO insights and regularly produce high-quality, SEO-maximized content each month. Access to Keyword Research and Content Editor automates the process of preparing to write and optimizing your work.

Remember, it’s essential to conduct keyword research so that:

  1. you show up on SERPs;

  2. you target the people who want to find content like yours.

You can trust Content Editor's judgment on how optimized your article is because there are many factors influencing Content Score. Plus, it's easy to align your work with its guidelines!

Add-ons - customize your subscription

Your Surfer subscription can be boosted by the purchase of add-ons as and when necessary.

At just $9/month, Grow Flow is a great option for individuals and small teams responsible for entire websites. Data-driven insights delivered weekly simplify the process of domain-level SEO. In other words, if you are looking for bite-sized tasks to improve your on-page SEO without the need for extensive SEO training, Grow Flow is the best friend you are looking for! ;)

The audit is the one-stop solution for stale content and web pages that are failing to meet their potential. Generating an Audit report will give you a comprehensive breakdown of the targeted web page - yours or your competitors! Take a sneak peek at your top competitor’s work and identify where exactly improvements can be made in relation to your own on-page, off-page, and technical SEO.

SERP Analyzer, White Labeling, and API access are all attractive options for SEO professionals who want extra control and even more data.

Surfer Max - to maximize your potential

To truly maximize your potential, consider upgrading to a Surfer Max subscription (if you haven’t already). Available with monthly and (at a discount) annual billing, Surfer Max gives you access to everything we offer at Surfer.

...and gain access to the following:

  • Invite up to 10 people to your organization

  • Write 50 optimized articles per month

  • Audit 100 published works

  • Get insights on low-hanging fruit opportunities with Grow Flow

  • Dive deep into the data with SERP Analyzer

  • Seamlessly embed Surfer into your workflows with Surfer API

  • Impress your clients by removing Surfer branding from Content Editor and Audit reports and replacing it with your own business logo!

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