Keyword Surfer Extension Troubleshooting

Came across an issue with our Keyword Surfer extension? This article may help you out!

Updated over a week ago

1. No keyword ideas

The reason behind no results found may be:

  • a possible typo

  • the keyword is not popular, and we don't have it in the database at all

  • the keyword is fresh, and we don't have it in the database just yet

If Surfer does not have your keyword in the database, try another one that may be a bit more popular.

2. No traffic data

If you are seeing this, that means the domain is fresh, or we don't have it in the database :(

We are not providing real-time metrics when it comes to traffic estimations; it is calculated once a quarter roughly, so if you see zero traffic for domains that generate it - we are a bit late with the data at the moment.

3. N/A word count or exact keywords

N/A means not available and appears when we have issues with crawling a specific page.

You can try refreshing the search results, but if the issue is still present, it is most likely caused by the page blocking our crawler from visiting, therefore, from reading it properly.

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