Writersonic allows you to generate content through A.I for different formats such as articles, blogs, product descriptions, etc. And now, with our new integration, you can optimize the content with Surfer guidelines directly on Writersonic.

  1. What you need to get started

  2. Setting up the integration

  3. SEO mode: Editing content with guidelines by Surfer

  4. Disconnecting a Content Editor (guidelines) from WS

  5. Troubleshooting

  6. Still having issues?

  7. FAQ

What you need to get started

To enable the SEO mode, you must have a paid subscription to Writersonic and Surfer. Free plans are excluded from integrations.

Setting up the integration

Once you have ensured your subscriptions are active, you want to verify your WS settings by following these steps:

  • Access the user menu from the top-right corner

  • Select Integrations

  • Activate the toggle for Surfer SEO

SEO mode: Editing content with guidelines by Surfer

Our integration is visible when accessing the editor on WS. So to get started, you can create a new document by selecting the AI writing template as shown in the example below:

Next, you can create new guidelines by entering a main keyword just as you would normally do in Surfer’s workspace, or you can also select an existing content editor and link those guidelines to WS. Linking the Content Editor guidelines to WS won’t sync the written content to Surfer.

Disconnecting a Content Editor (guidelines) from WS

Please, keep in mind that while you have the Content Editor guidelines linked to WS, you won’t be able to create a Sharable link. However, you can always disconnect a linked Content Editor by clicking on the paperclip button:


If the SEO mode is not showing on your end, please follow the next steps:

  • Make sure you have an active subscription on both WS and Surfer. Remember, free plans are not included in integrations.

  • Log in on both platforms to ensure your session is active. You can open a tab for Surfer and a new tab for WS.

  • Verify the Surfer SEO toggle is active

Still having issues?

The connection between WS and Surfer relies on the cookies to validate access to the integration. So, you want to make sure 3rd party cookie blockers are deactivated or allow WS and Surfer to the exceptions by accessing your browser settings:

  • Ensure your browser is up-to-date. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox.

None of these steps helped? Please, feel free to contact support on live chat or by email for further assistance. We’ll be happy to help!


What do I get with Surfer for WS promo deal?

You’ll get almost the same features as our regular Basic Plan for just $1!

Surfer Basic Promo plan includes:

  • 10 Content Editors

  • 20 Audits

  • 2 high-impression domains to add in Grow Flow

Does the promo deal includes a subscription for WS?

No, our promo deal is for active WS subscribers wanting to try Surfer.

Can I get another month for $1?

Unfortunately, the promo deal is valid only once.

Can I get a refund for the promo deal or claim the money-back guarantee policy?

Refunds and our money-back guarantee only apply to subscriptions paid at a regular price, not to promo deals.

Why can't I see the content written on WS synced to Surfer?

The integration allows you to link existing guidelines and create new ones directly on WS, but there’s no sync for content. However, you can always copy and paste the content manually.

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