As you might have already noticed, we did some changes...

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve decided to simplify things and change Content Planner's name to Keyword Research because, at the end of the day, it’s where you go to find topic clusters and search for related keywords, right? Same tool. Different name. Less confusion. Welcome to new Keyword Research!

We made this decision because we would like to avoid confusing the Content Editor and the Content Planner. The similarity of the names turned out to be very misleading and we decided to change that to something that describes the purpose of this tool in a more fitting way.

Second of all, we wanted to make it clear that this is where our new users should start - keyword research is an essential first step in content strategy efforts, and yet, we accidentally made it harder for you to find the tool to make it happen!

We believe that what was formerly known as Content Planner is a much better tool for keyword research purposes so we wanted to make it stand out.

What happened to the old Keyword Research?

For those who still prefer the older version of the tool - it's still available for anyone with an active Surfer plan. The only difference is that you cannot access it from the left-side toolbar anymore - and we will be calling it "old" 👴🏻.

You will now be only able to access it from the new Keyword Research dashboard or through the direct link.

If you are looking for more information related to our old Keyword Research Tool, check out this set of articles.

Is something unclear or confusing? Reach out to our support team via chat or at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to answer your questions and address your concerns!

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