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  1. What is a free plan and what does it include?

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  3. How does high-impression trial work?

  4. What kind of tasks will I receive as a free plan user?

  5. How many domains can I add to my account?

  6. How can I change project's keyword/location/GSC property?

  7. How can I remove one of my Grow Flow projects?

  8. Why I'm not able to add my website under free plan?

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What is a free plan and what does it include?

Free plan is any Surfer account that does not own an active paid subscription. As a free plan user, you will gain access to our Grow Flow tool.

On the free plan, there are two types of Grow Flow projects available, depending on the size of your domain:

  • high-impression trial

  • low-impression

You can add unlimited number of low-impression projects and up to one high-impression trial project.

Based on your Google Search Console data we check how many daily impressions you domain had within the last few days and this way we are qualifying it as the high or low impression project.

Any domain above the threshold of 100 impressions per day is considered a high-impression one.

How to add/connect your domain to Surfer?

You can add any domain in three easy steps:

  1. Link a Google Search Console account that has a desired domain added as property

  2. Choose the domain from your Grow Flow page

  3. Pick the location from the dropdown

Please note that:

  • Access to your GSC data is crucial for task creation process and performance tracking for Reports - you cannot add a domain manually via URL nor project will work properly without appropriate GSC connected.
    If you're unsure how to add domains to Search Console please check out official Google documentation and tutorial.

  • Location dropdown mirrors the same requirement as a high-impression domain - it will only allow you to pick from countries that generate more than 100 daily impressions according to your GSC data.

How does high-impression trial work?

If you want to find out how high-impression projects work on a paid plan, check out this article.

In the trial projects, the first two batches of tasks will pop up one week after another.

After 2 weeks, the trial domain will receive tasks once per month and there will be one "Write And Publish Article" task in each task batch.

If you'd prefer getting tasks on a weekly basis - you can do so by upgrading for any of our paid plans.

What kind of tasks will I receive as a free plan user?

For your low-impression projects, you will receive only the "Write and publish an article" tasks and only one task at a time. To receive another task, you will need to complete the previous one.

High-impression trial projects include the same types of taks as on the paid plan. There are multiple task types that aim to improve different features of your SEO performance:

  • Video tutorials - we will walk you through Grow Flow features and tasks.
    If you missed them or would like to get back to them - they are available on our YouTube channel.

  • Write and publish an article task - suggests new topic to write on so that you could publish content and increase your topical authority in the field.
    It will come with a random Google snippet example of a finished product and it's own Content Editor for article creation.
    All Content Editors made through Grow Flow are free of charge.

  • Missing keywords - suggests adding additional keywords that are not present, but are relevant to your article adding them should increase search results visibility.
    The exact keyword placement and the amount is up to you. 😉

  • Missing internal links - suggests placing hyperlinks on multiple pages that point to one page - this should ensure that no page is an orphan and topically relevant content is within easy reach for your visitors.
    Links can be placed anywhere on the page - be it in a nav bar or within article body - it's your call if and where it fits your content most.

  • Missing backlinks - lists what domains recently linked to your organic competitors. With this knowledge you know where you can post about your domain, ask for a guest post or exchange links.

How many domains can I add to my account?

The maximum number of high-impression websites you can connect to Grow Flow is one.

If you want to add more - you can purchase any of our paid plans to extend your limits. In order to do that, simply select more domains on your Grow Flow page and you'll be redirected to a checkout, where it will automatically suggest purchasing our cheapest plan - Basic monthly.

You can also go to your Billing page and purchase subscription manually - the effect will be the same. 😉

You can connect unlimited number of low-impression projects!

How can I change projects location/keyword/GSC property?

After the project is created - you cannot change any settings associated with it.

You can reach out to our Support Team via chat or mail and ask to remove a project - this way you'll be able to reconnect your domain as a fresh project and for example - pick a new location.

How can I remove one of my Grow Flow projects?

You can reach out to our Support Team via chat or mail, and we can remove ongoing projects for you.

Please note however your Grow Flow page will always be populated with properties that are attached to linked Search Consoles.

Why I'm not able to add my website under free plan?

If the specific domain was previously added to Surfer in the past - within any account, including your own - you cannot add it under Free plan anymore.

This is a security feature to prevent users from abusing Free plan's offering.

Other questions & answers you might be interested in:

What if I connect GSC without the necessary Search Console data permission?

Surfer won't have access to your data and thus no domains will be available to pick.

You need to disconnect and link your Search Console account again to fix it.

How many Search Console accounts can I link?

There is no said limit - please feel free to add as many as you need.

What GSC website properties can I pick?

By design, we will show you all domains you have added to your Search Console.

If one domain has multiple properties (for example one domain property and one URL property) Surfer will show only on the one with most traffic data.

You can add subdomains (like as a separate Grow Flow project if you want and have the appropriate GSC property configured.

Which pages does Grow Flow consider for tasks?

We analyze each and every page that either:

We currently do not filter them to remove potentially unwanted pages like FAQs, discontinued products, paginated pages and etc.

This means for example - that if you had a URL indexed, which was then removed but was not de-indexed - we can still suggest it in tasks, most likely with 404 Page not found title.

Can I bring back my Dismissed tasks?

Sadly there is no option to bring back dismissed tasks.

My article to write task has irrelevant topic suggestions, what can I do about it?

You can shuffle the suggested topic before starting the task.

Custom keyword option is not available under Free plan.

I cannot mark my Write an article task as Published - what to do?

You cannot use URLs that you have already optimized in the past with Grow Flow - if you cannot enter the URL into Mark as published pop-up - please dismiss the task as we already track this page performance for our Reports.

I started an article tasks but Content Editor is missing from my dashboard?
How can I edit Grow Flow articles with Jasper or Google Docs?

Content Editors that were made using Write an article tasks are unique and are only available through relevant project's page - they won't show up on your regular dashboard nor over on Jasper SEO Mode.

If you want to use Jasper for content creation you can copy the content over in chunks and optimize it within Surfer.

If you want to use Google Docs instead of Surfer's text editor - you can still Create new Google Document from Share menu.

Can I choose which task types I receive?
How can I get missing backlink tasks?

No, currently you will receive all task types.
The only exception is a backlink task - as we need data from SEMRush it won't generate unless you connect your SEMRush account.

I have a page with multiple languages - can I add them as separate projects with different locations?

If you have language versions within one domain and switch it dynamically (for example for English and for Polish):
You cannot add it to Grow Flow separately - you will be able to pick only one location for entire domain.

If you separate languages with directories (for example for English and for Polish):

You currently cannot add it to Grow Flow separately - you will be able to pick only one location for entire domain.
We're looking into changing that for future Grow Flow revisions.

If you separate languages with subdomains (for example for English and for Polish):

Yes! You should see both properties on your Grow Flow page and you can select them both, choosing different location for each project.

Can I purchase an Add-on instead of a Plan? I'm only interested in Grow Flow.

Currently, the only option to get weekly task refreshes or more domain slots on Free for Grow Flow is to switch to any paid plan.
Add-ons are only available after you subscribe to Surfer using any plan.

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